Hair loss of Factors

Aging, hormonal changes and genetic history of baldness (baldness). As the hair loss starts earlier, they will be more intense. Other causes for hair loss are trauma, burns, in which this intervention falls in reconstructive surgery techniques. Types of interventions by Best Surgeons of Islamabad hair transplant centers are:- Hair transplants The procedure consists in covering [...]

What to do in the first days after hair transplant surgery?

What is the postoperative treatment and the rules to be observed after hair transplant surgery? Medications Antibiotics:to avoid any infection - usually prescribed by a doctor taking Zinnat 500 mg, 1 tablet at 12h for three days. Taking Medrol: To avoid inflammation of the scalp - 3-4 days, depending on the prescription. Caution, avoid eating salty [...]

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

Implant hair by FUE, Extraction Follicular Unit (Follicular Unit Extraction - FUE)  is a new method whereby follicular units Individual implanted in an area of the donor where there is less hair or baldness, in an area with hair more often, generally located in the back of the head, extracting follicular units by a micro-puncture. Reconstitution of hair [...]

The Ideal Time or Optimal Age for a Hair Transplant?

One of the questions commonly found in young people affected by hair loss is the optimal age or the ideal time to make your hair transplant surgery? A hair transplant done at an early age could be the beginning of an adventure costly in the long run. In many cases the doctors advise patients to wait up [...]

Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant

New method of Hair transplantation is adopted in Islamabad hair transplant centers, where surgery is not possible. Accelerate the regeneration of hair roots Accelerate hair growth Revitalizes the scalp Insubtiate wires increase resistance to the action of hormones Reduce idle time of transplanted roots 100% natural process without introducing foreign substances the body without secondary [...]

Best Place For Hair Transplant in Pakistan

The best hair transplant in Pakistan is offered at the Center hairnhair by the automated FUE method. FUE is a non-surgical method that allows hair to be modified after hair loss. Best Hair Transplant In Pakistan The goal of hair transplant in Islamabad is to density a bald area, to redraw the front line or the gulfs. Depending on age and predictable baldness, it is [...]

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