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Hair and Hair hair transplant in Islamabad has the most dedicated staff to treat our respected patients. Our clinic is equipped with international standard services and up-to-date gear and technology. Dr. Abdul Khaliq, one of the top-notch hair transplant specialist came up with the hair transplant in Islamabad, an idea that is new for the private sector. It is a private sector organization that has customers from all over Pakistan. Hair and Hair transplant in Islamabad has clear objective to educate the public, healthcare professionals, mainstream media, and legislators about the hair loss (baldness) and its effects on social life and health. Being the only high-end Hair Transplant clinic in Islamabad, Hair and Hair have served thousands of clients to date with dedication and professionalism.

There are no side effects whatsoever in our treatment methods; it is safe and sound, as well as effective if you chose Hair and Hair transplant in Islamabad. Apart from the hair transplantation, Hair and Hair has started cosmetic surgery section, increased its staff and equipment. Under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Khaliq Malik, the supporting staff of hair and cosmetic surgery professionals are second to none in Pakistan; the clinic is hygienic and up to the international standards.

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Hair Transplant in Islamabad

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the foremost usually wanted hair transplantation techniques today, courtesy its minimal invasive nature.

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FUT Hair Transplant Islamabad

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Strip hair transplant is one of the available choices for surgical hair restoration. It is best for those that are plagued by permanent hair loss.

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Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem Cell FUE is that the latest hair transplantation technique that’s faster and effective than the standard FUT and FUE hair transplant strategies.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common phenomenon in Pakistan, most of us give up too early after trying a professional for one time, most even don’t bother to contact the hair transplant specialist and consider it the fate they deserved, seriously. What people need to be educated about is that the hair growth is a repeated procedure, once your hair starts falling, there are ways you can regrow them naturally without any side effect. Not only you can get your hair grow back; you can make them thick and long with time by our hair growth program. If follicles drop out at the enormous rate, it is called as Alopecia in Medical Terminology. It is the main reason that hair fall out at a certain age, some may become bald at a young age, for some people, it takes 30-40 years.

The baldness may be complete, or from the center, the patches of bald hair may be irregular, patchy, or even from sides. For men and women, the pattern may become different. As a matter of fact, the hair growth and baldness vary for every person, men, and women.

At Hair and Hair Transplant in Islamabad, surgeons and hair specialists have found the following reasons being the root causes of the hair loss:

  • It may be hereditary, if your father or grandfather has baldness, you may get it at that age.
  • The hormones may play their roles; some people have abnormal or slow hormone growth at a certain age, it may be one of the cause.
  • Dandruff could be one of the reasons, in medical terms, it is scalp contamination, infections, dandruff, fever or fungal diseases.
  • Chemotherapy and other treatments and heavy dosage/pills intake may cause baldness during or after the treatment.
  • Malnutrition and excessive use of hair products i.e. hair colors, gels, shampoos, and hair styling creams may shed hair.

Hair Transplant overview

Hair Transplant is the most suitable solution to fallen hair. In the process, the roots are taken from back side of head where hair never die, also called donor area and then transplanted to the bald area. Only experts are able to perform a successful transplant in most cases, there has to be a proper angle, care, and exact distance from the scalp for best results and natural look. Both men and women hair are transplanted that way, our experts will do it perfect and fine to meet what you need.

Hair Restoration Treatment

The technique is unique in Pakistan as it is only known to our surgeons at Hair and Hair. During the treatment, our experts take after diverse and orderly methodology to control and diminish the hair loss that varies from patient to patient.

Hair Restoration Treatment include the following four practices:

  • Medicinal Treatment:-
  • There are medicines like Finasteride particularly for males, Minoxidil, Dutasteride, Corticosteroids injection and many more. Some of the medicines and injections are utilized for development of follicles though some other are utilized to keep the androgenetic hormone.

  • Non-surgical Treatment:-
  • Few famous non-surgical treatments as PRP Treatment, SMP Treatment etc. work by removing a little amount of blood and then injecting PRP into the scalp.

    SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation is done by utilizing natural pigments at the epidermal level and creates and replaces natural appearance of genuine follicles.

    Low-end LASER treatment expands the circulation of blood to avoid clogging in follicles that is the main hair growing substance.

  • Surgical Treatment:-
  • Surgical treatments include FUT i.e. Follicular Unit Transplant and FUE i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction.

  • Artificial Treatment:-
  • Hair and Hair Transplant also provides artificial ways to cope the embarrassment, you can find wigs and patches fit for your size. Sometimes, patients ask for fibrous components or hair to be placed on their head.

Why Hair Transplant

The question that arises, and it is the valid one, Why Hair Transplant? Before the surgery or transplant, you need to fill the questionnaire, be aware of its side effects, if any, and the whole procedure.

Here are few reasons why surgical restoration or transplant is the best choice with no side effects:

  • It is the only discovered hair solution that lasts for decades, may be a lifetime
  • It is safe, guaranteed by experts all over the world provided the surgeons executing the task are compatible.
  • There is no pain while the surgery is being performed, you are required to inhale the anesthesia during the process.
  • Get your hair be styled the way you wanted, they will develop naturally after the treatment.

5 Common Mistake

  • All Surgeons are the same
Reality: The most common wrong perception, the top-notch surgeons have years of experience and mastery in what they do compared to the newbies or the ones with little practice and less years in medical field.

  • Everywhere results are aesthetically same
Reality: Not every result provides the same outcome, it could be precise but not accurate. The delicateness, angulation, profundity, depth and direction are in the hands of the specialist. Only an accomplished specialist can give same outcomes in all patients.

  • Unlimited Grafts are possible with FUE
Reality: It’s not the case, only 3500-4200 follicles are good for the patient in one session.

  • Always look for the cheapest option
Reality: You may choose the cheapest surgeon in the town but be at your own risk afterwards. Several things matter, from cleanliness, security, experience of the doctor, frameworks, and well-trained staff.

  • Just extraction & implantation is what matters
Reality:There are steps to the good results, including painless anesthesia, graft storage, handling of it, and FTR for needed results.

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