Beard Hair Transplant

A thick beard is that the sign of masculinity and maturity, however a big proportion of men’s population has quality growing full beards. Nearly 50% of all men struggle onerous to grow full beard and sideburns thanks to biological science or trauma and burns or previous hair removal procedures. Hair transplant is that the procedure that gives answer to the current drawback. it’s the foremost effective surgical operation which will assist you produce a full and utterly sculptured beard by increasing the density and fullness of spars or uneven beard. Undergoing beard hair transplant surgery will utterly modification your look, providing sharp, full and thoroughly cut look.

Beard Transplant Candidate

Beard hair transplant could also be a perfect possibility for you if:

  • You square measure unable to grow a beard.
  • You have uneven or uneven beard and you wish to reinforce its density and fullness.
  • You have lost desired density and look of your facial hair thanks to scars or burns and you wish to hide problematic areas.
  • You need to switch the pattern and form of your beard.
  • You need to reinforce the looks of your facial expression by enhancing your beard.

Beard Transplant Goals

Beard hair transplant aims at:

  • Restoring the thickness and density of noninheritable distributed or uneven beard or the one caused by some trauma or malady.
  • Enhancing the aesthetic look of your beard by increasing its density and enhancing its form.
  • Helping you improve your facial aesthetic look, providing a lot of masculine and mature look.

Beard Transplant Techniques

Beard hair transplant surgery will be performed victimisation following 2 techniques:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or strip method: this system involves gathering a strip of scalp at the rear so making many small grafts to be ingrained within the bald facial space.
  • FUE vesicle Unit Extraction: this system involves extraction of individual vesicle units victimisation small punch tool.

Pre-op Preparation

Just like hair transplant, beard hair transplant additionally needs following some vital pre-op directions. Listed below square measure some common pre-op directions that almost each patient has to follow:

  • Avoid use of medicament medicine, salicylate and different blood cutting medications.
  • Avoid smoking furthermore as drinking before surgery. each will cause excessive haemorrhage and interfere with healing method.
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks on the day of the surgery.

Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard hair transplant surgery is performed on patient basis underneath anesthesia and takes two to five hours betting on variety of hairs needed. The steps concerned within the surgery are:

  • Preparation of donor area: foremost, sawbones prepares the donor space by trimming hair to form vesicle extraction simple. the realm is clean furthermore.
  • Administration of anesthesia: Then anesthesia is run within the donor space to numb it and build the procedure painless.
  • Extraction of hair follicles: when administration of physiological condition, hair follicles square measure extracted victimisation either FUE technique or FUT technique betting on variety of hairs needed.
  • Preparing grafts for implantation: Then hair follicles of desired size square measure ready from extracted grafts underneath a strong magnifier.
  • Preparing recipient area: whereas hair follicles are ready for implantation, recipient space – beard – is ready by administering anesthesia and creating small incisions with alittle semi-circular instrument.
  • Implantation of hair follicles: Finally, sawbones fastidiously implants hair follicles keeping in mind the specified density, thickness and pattern of beard.

Procedure Recovery

Beard hair transplant itself is just about painless with swish recovery amount. However, recovery might vary from one patient to a different betting on many factors like technique used.

  • Most of patients square measure ready to resume their traditional routine two days when surgery.
  • For the primary few days when beard hair transplant, crusts or scabs can seem round the transplanted hairs. they’ll fall off in regarding ten days.

Post-op Care

Some common beard hair transplant post-op directions that you just might have to follow include:

  • Keep the transplanted beard space dry.
  • Put off shaving for a minimum of ten to fourteen days when surgery.
  • Do not massage your beard for regarding ten days when surgery.