Eyebrow Hair Transplant

For all those men and ladies who don’t seem to be with their natural brow density or have lost the natural full look owing to some unwellness, trauma or aging, brow Hair Transplant provides the best and also the secure thanks to restore eyebrows. Surgeons these days square measure with success transplant hair from head and different elements of the body on the face to assist individuals get their desired facial hair density and brow transplant is one in all them. The minimally invasive cyst Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is employed that makes it a nearly painless and scarless procedure.

Are you a Candidate?

You are a candidate for Associate in Nursing brow hair transplant if:

  • You don’t seem to be glad along with your brow density
  • You don’t seem to be pleased with form of your eyebrows
  • You have lost eyebrows to trauma-burn
  • You square measure shedding facial hair owing to auto-immune unwellness
  • You have lost young look of brow owing to traditional aging method

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Goals

Main objectives of surgical brow restoration include:

  • Restoring eyebrows lost to genetic science, unwellness or burn-traumas
  • Enhancing the form and thickness of your existing eyebrows
  • Helping you regain a young wanting brow line in your maturity

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Techniques

  • Full Restoration – it’s for those that were born while not or with Very light eyebrows or those have uneven eyebrows owing to genetic science, disease, trauma or burn. Full restoration involves 200+ grafts.
  • Enhancement – it’s for those that don’t seem to be glad with their brow density and want to possess a thicker line higher than their eyes. it’s additionally for girls United Nations agency fail to grow hair owing to excessive plucking. Sweetening involves one zero one to 199 hair grafts.
  • Touch up – Some ladies simply would like slightly up for an ideal brow form. whereas pencils square measure best for this sort of bit ups, they provide a short lived answer. This refined brow reshaping involves fifty to a hundred grafts.

Pre-op Prepration

Like the ancient hair transplant, performed on the scalp, brow transplant additionally involves some pre-operative care. Listed below square measure the items that you just ought to avoid before the surgery:

  • Stop taking blood thinners – all, homeopathic, medical care and natural
  • Quit smoking 2 to a few weeks before your brow transplant
  • Cut your alcohol consumption five to seven days before the surgery. don’t drink throughout the last forty eight hours
  • Avoid applying any form up before heading to the clinic for the surgery

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

Eyebrow transplantation may be an easy surgery performed on patient basis underneath anesthesia. The surgery takes three to four hours on the average to finish. Following steps square measure concerned in Associate in nursing brow Hair Transplant:

  • Drawing the brow define – The medico starts with marking the define of your eyebrows, keeping in mind your required brow form and density further as your facial symmetry.
  • Donor area preparation – once outlining the eyebrows, the medico moves on to the surgery and prepares the donor space, by trimming or shaving the hair at the rear of your scalp. He can then mark the donor space for swish and flourishing extraction of hair follicles.
  • Anesthesia – anesthesia is then administered to the donor space to numb it and extract hair follicles painlessly.
  • Donor hair extraction – Then mistreatment the cyst Unit Extraction technique, the medico harvests desired variety of grafts. Single hair grafts square measure extracted for brow hair transplant. Back of the scalp is employed for donor hair harvest as a result of the hair their match brow hairs the foremost.
  • Site preparation – once extracting the donor hairs, the medico prepares the recipient space – your eyebrows – creating small incisions in specific directions and at correct angles. Special attention is paid to arch creation or enhancing the present brow arch. anesthesia is clearly administered to the brow space.
  • Inserting grafts – The last step of Associate in nursing brow hair transplant is inserting these hair follicles. The medico then fastidiously places these cyst grafts in these incisions. Exactitude of placement is important for making Associate in Nursing esthetically appealing, natural wanting brow line.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Recovery

  • After the surgery expect the treated areas to be sore and tender for each day more or less
  • Most of the patients expertise very little or no discomfort throughout and once the procedure and head to workplace following day
  • The next morning, damp your eyebrows slightly to get rid of any scab or dried crusts
  • Do this thrice following day so double daily for per week
  • Every time you wash your eyebrows, don’t forget to use prescribed anti-biotic ointment
  • Bruising once a transplant is additionally common and subsides in five to seven days
  • The scab unremarkably takes seven to ten days to fall off
  • The transplanted follicles will shed and endure a dormant part of regarding three to four months before they begin growing back
  • You can begin noticing any signs of growth in your eyebrows four to five months once the surgery
  • Full results could also be seen once eight to twelve months

Post-op Care

  • Do not wash your eyebrows for a minimum of twelve hours once the surgery
  • Use cold compression to agitate any post-operative swelling or bruising
  • Start taking prescribed medicines right once the surgery
  • Aspirin and different blood thinners ought to be avoided for one more period of time
  • Also refrain from smoking for two to three weeks once the brow transplant
  • Do not bit your brow space unnecessarily for a minimum of a month
  • Do not decide at the scab
  • Avoid direct daylight exposure