Habib Khan

The treatment I had was a fue hair transplant consisting of 3750 neografts. The reason I had this procedure was because I was unhappy with my thinning hair. The service provided by Dr. Dr Abdul Khaliq Malik Hair and Hair-Plastic surgery & Hair transplant was five star with all communications between us fully understood, I would (...)

Mr. Umer

I had been thinking about getting a hair transplant for a number of years but was worried about the cost, the effectiveness of treatment and lack of trust in clinics I previously had consultations with. As with a lot of guys, I wanted to get the procedure done discreetly but worried about going through the process alone. Dr. Abdul Khaliq (...)

Mr. Kamran

I went for a consultation at Dr. Abdul Khaliq Malik Hair and Hair-Plastic surgery & Hair transplant. The service was top class from the moment I got through the door, the receptionist was lovely and so was my consultant who first checks my scalp very deeply. She told me what my options were and I was not put under any pressure to make a (...)

Brig Saeed Dar

I was really satisfied with treatment by Dr. Abdul Khaliq Malik Hair and Hair-Plastic surgery & Hair transplant. Exent counselling , follow-up care provided by hospital .I would highly recommend this clinic for plastic & cosmetic surgery in Pakistan. looking forward for 2nd session of treatment, best hair transplant clinic in Islamabad, (...)

Imran Sherpao

Hi Everyone, My Name is Imran Sherpao, I have hereditary Hair Loss problem as this thing start showing when i was in metric, i am a professional lawyer, my self-confidence was zero because of my hairs, so i decided to Get some consultancy regarding my issue, i almost visit all Islamabad/Rawalpindi hair transplant clinics and paid heavy (...)

Sonu Prince

I have recently undergo FUE hair transplantation with Dr. Abdul Khaliq, he is expert in his field and i am very satisfied with his treatment methods and techniques, Hair and Hair is the clinic of Dr. abdul Khaliq sab which is in F-8 Islamabad....best of luck Sir... Highly recommended from my side, get your hair back with peace of mind.

Mr. Shabbir

I was in search of best hair transplant in Islamabad for too many months I was earlier struck with some BIG names but find out they are just useless, Finally one of my friend suggest me Hair and Hair, I had a very good experience very warm people, they guide me very well about each step of my hair transplant

Shahid Karim

Just one word is enough for Dr. Abdul Khaliq and his team is EXENT, I live abroad and was looking for some good clinic for hair transplant i am from Gujjar Khan so Islamabad suits me well, i searched for hair transplant clinics and visit around 20 clinics in that area, I was in F-8 and visit there one clinic, whose name i don't want to (...)

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Tahir Mir

One of the best places for Hair Transplant, the thing I liked most about them was their honesty, Dr. Abdul Khaliq was very honest with me and did what He told me He would before the surgery, I went for FUT+FUE as I had severe baldness, it's been seven months now I am pretty satisfied with the growth of my hair, staff is very polite and is (...)

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Nauman Ghauri

I got my hair transplant from Dr. Khaliq. Alhamdulillah, my transplant was a success and results i have got in these past 6 months are very satisfying. I would recommend anyone who wants even just an advice because that’s how my transplant journey started.

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Ahmad Zafar

The team and the surgeon were very cooperative and I’m very much satisfied with my result. Even after i got it done they’ve been very cooperative and have answered all of my queries which actually means a lot. The result I’ve achieved is very natural which makes this journey a whole lot better. Thank you to the whole team.

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Tayyab kazmi

Assalamualaikum I went for my hair transplant at Dr abdul khaliq’s clinch and it’s been a great experience. After 5 months I can say no one can say as if I had undergone transplant, my hair line looks completely natural and I am completely satisfied with my results. I would definitely recommend hair growth/transplant treatments from here (...)

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Malik Shahid

I have gone through procedures about 6 months ago. I was hestintant initially but now I am more than satisfied with results. Thank you so much Dr Abdul Khalid, Dr Naima and complete team. In a nut shell, a very professional team. Doctors and staff are cooperative, competent and helpful. Overall recommend place to visit for hair treatment whether FUE, FUT or simply PRP.

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Asif Younus

I've gone through the hybrid procedure (FUE+FUT) about 6 months ago. Received a great results up till and much more come ahead INSHALLAH. They are very professional in their field. Thank you Dr Abdul Khaliq, you've turn my life around.

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Ahmad Azhar

It was an excellent experience. It was my first PRP session and staff was very kind and professional. Now i am looking forward to see the results

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Usman Nazar Baloch

It was a good experience with Dr. Abdul Khaliq's clinic and their staff is very cooperative.I am satisfied too with their medical treatment.

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Aroosa Manzoor

Being female it's triky decision to trust on some one for hairline restoration. but dr abdulkhaliq a finest aesthetic surgeon is trustworthy for this job. I did my hairline restoration. happy and thankful...

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Humaida Sabir

I have gotten laser done from different clinics over the past two years and was never satisfied with the results until i came across Dr Abdul Khaliq's clinic, I've been getting my sessions with Dr Kiran and I'm more than happy with it and suggest everyone to visit them if they want the best results. The staff are very friendly and the (...)

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Rizwan Haider

My experience with dr khaliq is wonderful i am totally satisfied with op, post op procedures and my results are awsome only 4 months have passed hair start growing rapidly.plus dr naima and other doctors and staff is very cooperative and skilled