Today I want to share with you, an issue that as a surgeon that performs capillary transplants every day seems essential .
The management of the suture form in the fut surgery (strip of follicular units) will have a more or less apparent result at the final moment of the scar in the donor zone:

If you have to obtain a strip that gives us a good number of grafts we will prefer it to be longer than thick, so the strip will have less tension at the time of closing. The depth should be fair: not enough to affect the follicles, but not so deep that it affects the vessels and nerves deeper that generate significant bleeding and residual hypothesizes.Also visit hair transplant Islamabad.
The laxity of the tissue in the donor area must be taken into account and according to this elasticity we will program the width in the central zone of the strip and in the lateral zones. Do you know the

Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant.

Depending on the degree of elasticity of the scalp it will be classified in percentages from 10% to 30% elasticity and the thickness of the strip width may be increased depending on this result. Therefore it is important to prepare the donor site with exercises that improve the elasticity of the scalp weeks before and thus allow the tension at the time of closure is less.
The trichophytic suture will allow the mimicry of the scar to be less obvious for which we would have the option of being superior or inferior the trichophytic cut.
The suture may or may not be absorbable in the last layer using a rapid vicryl that guarantees adequate tension and resorption in sufficient time for adequate closure. If the suture is not absorbable we must remove it within 10 to 14 days.