The procedure of hair replacement has proven saving solution for millions of men wide. Hospital, clinic aesthetics in Islamabad by hair replacement surgery have resolved dozens of cases daily. Today, thanks to advanced technology, patients can opt for different hair replacement procedures such as an FUE hair transplantation method, hair transplant with vaccination or robotic assisted hair transplant.

Due to the good results lately, many women choose to make their hair implant center because aesthetic clinic in Islamabad, located specialists and aestheticians act without removing the hair being. Medical services are exent and cost of the procedure affordable and justified. Pakistan is the best hair transplant location in worldwide economically and technically.

Hair Implantation In Women Before After

The most popular method of hair reconstruction is achieved by operation called FUE hair transplant. Called FUE method, the procedure consists in the extraction of individual follicular unit hair-cloned in the natural state or groups of hairs extracted one by one and then transplanted into the desired region. FUE hair transplantation method is basically a surgery itself, because bleeding is significant, recovery and healing happens fast, the look is natural and signs disappear after 10-15 days. In addition, those using FUE hair transplantation will not show scarring and numbness or burning sensation, and if the patient wishes can achieve two sessions implant in two successive days.

An innovative method, considered the most revolutionary in terms of reconstruction hair is a hair transplant procedure robotic assisted. Successfully in hospitals in Islamabad, transplantation is performed by a robotic syFUE, computerized and supported by a specialist, syFUE precision that will detect wires and grafts strong will extract from the donor area (the neck) and will involve further in areas devoid of hair, usually on the front of the head.

How is the FUE method of hair transplantation

  1. The patient is subjected to examination. Thus, there is the resistance of the hair and its root structure and scalp area where the implant will be performed.
    2. Thanks to 3D technology, then hair transplant specialist will conduct a personalized projection of scalp showing the patient how your hair will look after the procedure for reconstruction of hair or hair transplant surgery.
    3. Extracting the actual follicles FUE method will be performed in the hospital in a sterile environment and performance halls and properly equipped.

Hair Implantation

What you should know:

If you choose to perform the procedure to implant the hair in Islamabad in one of our aesthetics hospitals, you should know that during the procedure you will be assisted and supervised by a team of specialists, physician, anesthetist and nurses, from beginning to completion hair transplant. Working time varies depending on the size of the area of ​​action and the number of follicles extracted and implanted. For more information please visit our Clinic in Pakistan or Call US