ALI started loosing his hair in his late 20s and into his early 30s. He was able to slow the progression somewhat with Rogaine but by the time he reached the age of 40 it was becoming a real issue and was greatly affecting his self esteem. He wasn’t excited about the prospect of just shaving his head, so at age 42 he made the decision to have hair transplant surgery.

ALI was very pleased with the results of the initial surgery. Predisposed to genetic hair loss, he continued to gradually lose hair over the years. At age 50 he felt it was time to get another transplant.

After researching new techniques since his last procedure he became extremely interested in adding A + FUE to his hair transplant procedure, and sought out Dr. Niedbalski to learn more about it. To ALI’s eye, the thinning area on top of his scalp looked like a stripe. His goal was to eliminate this stripe and the ability to see through his hair. So, he asked the doctor to fill in the area from his hairline through the crown. Eight months after his second surgical restoration, ALI came to visit Dr. Niedbalski for a follow up. He was so pleased with the results he decided he was ready to address some subtle adjustments to his hair line, and make one final push for maximum density. A third and final transplant procedure was performed to achieve these goals, and ALI is now looking forward to growing his hair out in his retirement.