How Is The Process Of Hair Transplantation

What is and what is the process of hair transplantation ? Any operation of aesthetic surgery or small intervention that this is, always carries an added procedure so that everything goes perfectly and the desired results are obtained.

The hair transplantation is an effective clinical intervention that can last one or more sessions of approximately eight hours, time varies with the type of technique used, patient ‘s condition and the areas to process. visit hair transplant Islamabad.

Capillary transplant in Pakistan offers positive natural results

In order for the patient to be able to achieve satisfactory natural results within a few months, it is essential that the surgical solution be carried out by a specialist in this type of surgery, a professional who can guarantee that the hair transplant in Pakistan will put an end to that fall. Hair and will give light to the problem that until now concerned the patient. It is Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant

 The surgical solution for hair loss or progressive hair loss is increasingly demanded, men and women of all ages seek private clinics or hospitals that can improve their physical appearance with a small intervention of just a few hours that will allow you to say goodbye forever Her alopecia. Today there are several very effective techniques to perform a good hair transplant.

 Adequate age to go through a hair transplant process?

Although alopecia, hair loss or hair problems can arise from any age due to natural causes, hereditary diseases, common diseases, or other reasons, it is advisable for the individual to undergo the hair transplant process from the age of approximately 25 years. This way you can conduct an appropriate clinical study and take into account the current situation and what solution can be given for the future.

Age is always important because in capillary transplantation it is hoped that not only the intervention is appropriate for the patient, but also that the results are desired, to offer the maximum guarantee of success of the intervention, it is important to know that this Transplanted hair is going to stay firm and strong, getting an appropriate patient’s hair evolution for the future.

Prior to your surgery, an appropriate clinical study for each patient, timely individual counseling, detailed information on the hair transplant process, timely clinical surgical exams, and previous preparation for capillary surgery are important .

What to avoid in the days leading up to surgery?

Avoid stress situations, avoid sunburn or long exposure to the sun, avoid cuts or trauma in the area to be treated, do not do tattoos in the area, do not eat indigestible foods or alcoholic drinks, avoid taking any food, Drink or treatment that may stimulate bleeding or otherwise affect the patient’s good health.

It is important at all times good medical and patient communication, inform the specialist about any treatment being taken, illness to be taken into account or previous scarring or operations on the head.


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