How I comb my hair after a transplant. You may have asked yourself this question, on the one hand fantasizing what your new image will look like after the intervention. And on the other with real curiosity about how you should take care of your brand new hair , whether you have undergone a FUSS (capillary graft) technique or FUE (hair transplant), in which we are specialists in the HAIR AND HAIR Clinics Hair Transplant Islamabad. Here are the questions and answers you may be asking yourself.
How I Dress Up After a Transplant: Frequent Doubts
When can I wash my hair after a transplant?
You can restart the washes on the fourth day of the intervention. Of course, you should do it with neutral pH shampoo and a lot of softness. In a fortnight you can intensify washing; and make them completely normal from the month.
Can I use a dryer?
As a precaution, it is best to let it dry in the air the first few days, simply using an unrubbed towel to remove moisture. When you spend fifteen days you can reuse the dryer, but always with warm air. And remove it from the head at a safe distance (from 15 centimeters). do you know what is Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant.

On the fourth day you can wash your hair carefully and dry it with a dryer when two weeks after the procedure
Okay, but how do I comb my hair after a transplant? Can I make hairstyles, bowties, pigtails…?
Yes, there is no problem. How can I comb my hair after transplantation? “It’s totally normal hair just changed,” explains DR ABDUL KHALIQ MALIK, medical director of the HAIR AND HAIR Hair Transplant Clinic in ISLAMABAD. “Once it starts growing, transplanted hair does not require any special care,” adds our expert.
In short, this means that you should take care of it just as you would with the original hair. For example, be careful with the so-called traction alopecia. But you can dye it, smooth it, curl it and whatever it is you happen to be stylistically, if you want to let yourself be prey to trends. And if for example you want to be the new Rapunzel, you can also, without a doubt. Let’s see if you have the patience to let it grow until you can throw it out the window below for your prince…
Now suppose you’re a man with a major problem with alopecia on the crown and you have a transplant. In this case you should know that it is the most difficult area to get a good density. DR ABDUL KHALIQ MALIK warns that a reinforcement session may be necessary after the first, depending on the patient’s expectations of coverage.
How to comb the hair transplanted

When can I reuse lacquers, gins, combing foams?
After about a month.
The transplanted hair is simply shifted hair. You can treat it just like the original hair
When can I return to sports after a transplant?
You can do sports without contact (for example running, going to the gym, dancing) 15 days after the transplant. If you practice a physical exercise that involves contact , for example you have to wear helmets or hats, or have friction with other people (such as football or judo), then you better wait 30 days, as well If you do swimming.