What has been done in the hair? We talk about politicians, actors, elite athletes and musicians known worldwide who have regained their hair density. We tell you how and how they are combed.

What has been done in Rafa Nadal hair?

Considered one of the best players in the history of tennis, the sportsman’s hair of Manacor had begun to lighten. Little has transcended his intervention, beyond which he underwent a hair transplant. The news jumped when the end of 2016 began to circulate by social networks photos of Rafa Nadal shaved as a fifth. A fashion attack? A promise? He did not look like the tennis player either. It was soon learned that an intervention had been made, specifically using the FUE technique, which extracts hair follicles from a more populated area of ​​the head to implant them where they are needed (an autologous hair transplant of the patient, in this case from the neck to the front). HAIR TRANSPLANT IN ISLAMABAD CLINIC IS RELIABLE And to carry it out,

In the case of the boys it is easier. No one is going to look weird at a man with a shaved head. That has been Nadal for a while, with much shorter hair. The final results are not seen until after six months, so there is a time when the hair is “in no man’s land.” He also combs it without a scratch, to avoid fixing the attention in the less populated area.DO YOU KNOW The Ideal Time or Optimal Age for a Hair Transplant?

The classic

The former minister was a man with a clearer front, until one day he reappeared with a lot more hair and had no qualms about recognizing that he had undergone a transplant, in his case also with the FUE technique  (in the corridors of the Congress said that Bono “gets hair and takes years”). It was there in 2008, he had already left the government of Zapatero but was president of the Congress of Deputies, and by then the hair transplant recognized among celebrities was not so widespread, so the politician was a little pioneer in this regard, Helping to get this surgery out of the taboo and somehow also contribute to making it more popular.

The hair of Bono began to grow at six months and twelve already had a healthy hair, which has always hair a bit like: parted on the side and with not too short hair, to get a sense of volume, and certainly with the birth of hair much less behind than before.

What has been done in Jude Law?

Protagonist of more than one dream, Jude Law was one of those handsome actors who, unlike Bruce Willis or Jason Statham, did not seem very willing to go bald. His entries (very pronounced since very young) did not like, so he not only underwent a transplant, but openly acknowledged nothing less than a supplement of the New York Times .

If we liked it before, just like that, its hair styling during and (after) transplanting makes us want to make the wave: no shame or hairstyles to hide.

Law’s entries continue to be pronounced, certainly not as much as before, and he has continued to comb backward on the day he has wanted or show up in a crescendo surf wave mode when he has chosen. Long live happy hair.

What has been done in Bone’s hair-the other-?

One of the most famous faces in the history of rock and long-haired owner back in the 80s, when some of his songs were hymns, Bono had some tickets that were beginning to be considerable. With the transplant has improved a lot and since then it has been combed with a simple trick: shorter sides and longer at the top, with the change of length just at the height of the entries, to create an optical effect of Rupture that disguises the lack of density in the area. Of course, your color changes to blonde bleach do not like us too much. We prefer it as in the photo.

What has been done in John Travolta hair?

The actor does not wear his hair well, and it was clear from the anecdote of the gym. The protagonist of Pulp Fiction became a selfie thinking that at about 3 in the morning, the photo would not circulate much (what he did at that time in the gym would deserve a separate post), but he was wrong. The whole world witnessed his shaven and balding hair … and only three days later appeared on a red carpet with a melon that would have made Tony Manero very pale.

Instead of so much hairpin (or extensions of remove and pon or whatever it was that was spent), Travolta opted for the option of a technique FUE and has been phenomenal. It is no longer necessary to invent a hairstyle and the same thing is seen with a line in the middle that on the side, bulky and bulky hair, and above all with great health. Although we consider that it does not have a very natural frontal line…