Some celebrities who have refused to accept the designs of their nature and have undergone this treatment, although many do not want to admit it.

One of the best known cases in Spain was the president of Congress (Bono), who after the appearance with his new look, tripled the number of hair transplants. Hilario Pino also surprised us with a fringe like the one he had at fifteen. Jude Law, according to The New York Times, has opted to have a transplant at the entrances.

Another one of the famous has been Kevin Costner, although refuses to confirm it, Brendan Fraser, who already wore wig. Other actors who do not even want to talk about this treatment, but are suspected of being George Clooney, Nicolas Cage and Mel Gibson. In Footballers we can talk about Iker casillas that already takes a few sessions of the pioneering FUSS technique of hair transplant from Tira. also check Islamabad hair transplant

Does not anyone recognize it?

There are exceptions like that of the Manchester United footballer, striker W. Rooney tweeted him very clearly: “I just wanted to confirm to all my followers that I have done a Scientifically Proven Method of hair transplant. What happens, why not? I was getting bald with only 25 “.

Why are you hiding it?

We have no idea. We assume it is for the same reason why a person does not say that a breast augmentation or a facelift has been done. What we do recognize is an operation of myopia or an orthodontic treatment. A mystery.

It seems that the hair transplant is motive of a certain mockery, when the famous in question is discovered. Why, may be due to poor results.

The truth is that far from those doll heads, which so bad reputation gave the old implants, are part of the story. Current techniques are a work of capillary engineering. These follicular units (so-called) are extracted whole so that once implanted continue to live in their natural habitat. With this, it is possible that almost 100% of the transplanted hair is “born”. And above all, you get a lot more naturalness in the result.