Like everything in medicine, one cannot speak of guarantee, since each patient in a hair transplant is different, the results for all patients are not the same, just as the result of a medical treatment does not have the same benefit for two People treated for the same disease.

But the one who does not have a medical guarantee (because no doctor can give a guarantee for simple medical ethics), does not mean that the patient does not have the right to have a medical support since the hair transplant in Islamabad clinic that offers this type of procedures must Have the authorization, surgery permits and the necessary means to ensure that the safety in the transplant procedure is above 100%. Also Q-FUE Technique The Advanced Technology.

In addition the medical path and the surgical experience added to the ideal is that the medical surgeon is only dedicated to perform surgery of capillary transplants, which if it guarantees that a surgical procedure is being performed with the latest surgical techniques, using medical material of last Technology that will result in a survival of the grafts superior to 98%.

Also because the substances of conservation and the handling of the implants never exceed the time limit to avoid the damage of the fabrics.

Thus said in an indirect way in Castellan Clinic, almost if we could talk about a medical support that if it guarantees the monitoring during a year, in which we not only follow the evolution of the procedure but also add proven medical treatments capillaries that accelerate the growth Of the hair, strengthen in each one of the stages of the development of the same and guarantee the correct surgical evolution.

Finally it is in the first consultation of our hair transplant clinic, which in addition to being very detailed explains all the details of the hair transplant, trying in a single surgical act to solve as far as possible the uncomfortable aesthetic and psychological adversity called baldness or alopecia.