What is the postoperative treatment and the rules to be observed after hair transplant surgery?


  1. Antibiotics:to avoid any infection – usually prescribed by a doctor taking Zinnat 500 mg, 1 tablet at 12h for three days.
  1. Taking Medrol: To avoid inflammation of the scalp – 3-4 days, depending on the prescription. Caution, avoid eating salty foods during administration Medrol, otherwise you may have a swollen scalp!

Moisturizing and washing primitive areas

  1. In the first three days: you must moisten the newly transplanted hair every 30 minutes, except when sleeping. Use a saline spray. This is very important because the skin around the newly transplanted grafts to be soft and then fall. These shelled must disappear definitively until the 10th day of the surgery, the transplanted grafts Otherwise the risk of being compromised.
  1. The second day: must remove the bandage from the donor area and wash with a gentle shampoo, such as one for children. Also, continue hydration welcoming area every 30 minutes, except for the period when sleep.
  1. Third day: hydration continue receiving area.
  1. Fourth day: stop will spray you with moisturizer and wash for the first time all the same gentle shampoo, scalp, with careful not to apply too much tension in the receiving area. You better leave the shampoo wetting welcoming and you will be very easy wash lighter tension with fingertips in the welcoming and performing light circular movements. They aim to help loosen dead skin resulting from implantation grafts.
  1. You repeat the process from point four daily so that by day 10 at the latest to disappear.
  1. You continue to wash with this gentle shampoo for two months. After 2-3 weeks after surgery, you can apply products tominoxidil 5% area welcoming to help new threads than transplanted. You can use these products for 10 months.

OTHER TIPS important for a successful hair transplant

  1. Avoid direct sunlight for at least one week.
  1. Avoid any movements that can create tension in the head (not leaning forward, etc.)
  1. Avoid make the effort (take the elevator or if you do not, climb stairs patiently)
  1. Sleep on one side (or back, the doctor will advise the best, depending on the case) for 4-5 days after surgery. This is important to avoid touching or inviting area tensioning head area.
  1. You can do exercise only after seven days after surgery. Avoid lifting weights for the first 10 days.
  1. No smoking in the first three days and do not drink alcohol while taking antibiotics.
  1. Apply products with minoxidil 5%, morning and evening.
  1. Avoid the use of chemical products such as gel or hair dye, etc.
  1. After removing the bandage from the donor area, you should apply Aloe Vera, Bio-Oil or similar on a more rapid recovery. It can also be hydrated with saline, if you feel it is too dry.
  1. Go to control transplant clinic, whenever you are recommended or are called.

If you keep these tips, even in the first 10 days after surgery, it will be almost guaranteed a successful hair transplant!

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