Suffered from the beginning of baldness and think to solve this problem surgically? In the following we present some issues you need to know about hair transplants. Hair Loss Treatments have evolved significantly over the past decade, thus covering an unsightly alopecia with tables and wigs became the past, if not history. The innovative treatment of alopecia is hair transplantation in Islamabad; where resort to such surgery should be aware of all the issues involved.

Not everyone is a good candidate

There are certain factors to be taken into account in deciding whether the best option for you is plastic surgery:

  • How large is the area you are trying to cover it?
  • How fast is the process of hair loss?
  • There are medical conditions that could complicate surgery?
  • Hair loss is a result of health problems?

If you have a poor health or lack of hair is accentuated risk that hair transplantation not be successfully completed. For now resort to alternative solutions, then we recommend that you wear an honest discussion with your doctor about the possibility of a hair transplant. Surgeons of Hair Transplant in Islamabad are very skilled and cooperative in transplantation.

There are less invasive treatments

Consult with your doctor and find out the options! If alopecia is in an early stage can resort to drug treatments for hair growth, they have proven effective in many studies conducted by physicians in the field. The only downside of this treatment is getting the desired results after a long period of time. We recommend the use of drugs and solutions for hair growth only with doctor’s advice. Read about the ideal time or optimal age for a hair transplant.

Costs can be high

These vary according to the area of hair you need, but even a small suprafara transplant involves a substantial cost. It is also good to know that hair transplantation is considered an esthetic surgery and because of this is not covered by the National Insurance, so constant support fully.

Professionalism surgeon

Only a plastic surgeon experienced has skills. Therefore, an important step is to choose carefully a professional who will make the operation.

To increase the chances of success when selecting your doctor informed yourself if:

  • specializes in hair transplantation
  • specializes in cosmetic surgery
  • performed many procedures of this kind
  • Has vast experience and knows various techniques transplant.

There may be some side effects

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, and this involves the possibility of various complications.

It is possible to experience the following events:

  • Inflammation
  • ecchymosis (bruising)
  • bleeding
  • scarring
  • Numbness

These side effects are considered minor in the medical world and the possibility that they may worsen is very small. Usually, after such a transplant recovery period is small and in a short time you can resume the pace of daily activities.

Satisfaction is not always guaranteed

In some cases, the transplanted hair falls out and never grows again. This can cause an uneven appearance of the area where the transplant took place and require additional procedures for correction. This situation not only involves a frustrating experience, but costs will be higher than initially planned.

However, hair transplantation is the safest and most effective method of treating alopecia yet. Keep in mind that the implanted hair will not have the same hair texture and thickness as your original, but all might come to a happy outcome. A professional can get good results and hair added pretty much resemble the natural one, and this will only be a joy, even in the years ahead.