The FUSS capillary graft or FUSS technique is a hair loss treatment based on capillary surgery or hair transplantation with capillary graft. It is also known as the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery). Along with the FUE technique, capillary or graft FUSS technique FUSS is one of the treatments for male and female alopecia most demanded in our hair clinic in hair transplant Islamabad .

What is the FUSS capillary graft or FUSS technique?

In the FUSS hair graft the hairs of the donor zone are extracted by means of a thin band of skin with hair of 15 to 20 cm in length by 1 cm in width that is obtained from the posterior or lateral area of ​​the head with posterior suture Of the same. Points are withdrawn approximately 12-14 days. As a result there remains a scar that is aesthetically invisible as long as the surrounding hair has a minimum length of about 0.5-1cm. do you know WHAT IS THE CAPILLARY TRANSPLANT?

In this video you can see how a FUSS hair graft (FUSS technique) is performed in our hair clinic in Barcelona, ​​explained by our medical director, DR ABDUL KHALIQ MALIK:

How is the FUSS capillary graft (FUSS technique) performed?

Technique-FUSS-transplant-hair-Islamabad the FUSS capillary graft does not require any special preparation. The donor site is marked by varying the dimensions of the strip depending on the session proposed to each patient.

Phase 1: Phase of extraction that allows obtaining the strip by means of a simple surgical maneuver conserving itself in the suitable conditions of temperature and hydration to avoid its deterioration.

Phase 2: Phase of preparation of the follicles by microscopy of high resolution that allows preserving the anatomy-functional integrity of the follicular units.

Phase 3: Phase of implantation of the follicular micro units with instruments of high precision that allows realizing micro incisions with the angle and direction suitable to obtain optimal results.

Below we can see the before and after a capillary graft performed using the FUSS technique:

Before and after with a FUSS hair graft

We invite you to visit a sample of our portfolio of cases here, or if you want to know in more detail how individual cases are dealt with, in our blog we are posting posts about before and after cases where our medical team counts the procedure.

Am I a good candidate to treat my alopecia with a hair graft using the FUSS technique?

Patient’s candidates for the FUSS technique are those who present extensive alopecia areas because:

A large number of follicular units are obtained and grafted.

The percentage of follicular units transected during the preparation phase is minimal.

Fewer sessions are needed to achieve good results in density, with the consequent lower economic cost.