The best solution for hair loss is often Hair Transplant. And the best option is Hair transplant in Islamabad. The man is often disappointed when there is an abrupt hair loss that changes the usual appearance. On the other hand, hair loss is often associated with people of greater age, so it is normal an aesthetic concern in this sense that can cause in some people psychological changes. Each case should be studied to see if there are causes that are amenable to medical treatment.

There are different causes that can cause hair loss:

  • Natural
  • Age and inheritance.
  • Male hormone.
  • High fever.
  • Nutritional deficiency.
  • Dermatological disease.
  • Poorly oriented hair treatment.

There may be disparate results in hair transplantation, this depends on many factors:

Gentle skin of the donor and recipient area, hair type, hair diameter, scalp thickness, hair color, racial type, scalp elasticity, normal hair cycle analysis.

This surgery is indicated in cases of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), hair faults in the pubic region, chest, axilla and mustache. Scars of the scalp. Correction of other transplants with unsatisfactory result (doll hair). In women we consider: Alopecia of the frontal region, eyebrows, pubic region, scars on the scalp or of the pubic region. Best hair transplant surgery is possible in the clinics of Islamabad.


First, we must isolate a donor area from where the follicles are picked up, it is usually a scalp area of ​​the occipital region. The follicles are then isolated and implanted in the recipient area. Micro-implants are usually made of 1-3 hairs and mini-implants of 4-6 hairs.


This surgery can be done without problems with local anesthesia, but patients should be selected appropriately, in cases of nervous or anxious people it will be better to combine local anesthesia with sedation.


This surgery should be considered as a resource to improve the physical appearance of patients dissatisfied with the facial image because of hair loss. The patient must be realistic in their expectations and must consider that to achieve a radical change of image depends on several factors such as the quality of hair to be transplanted and the experience of the team that will perform the transplant: it is a very meticulous intervention (The surgeon removes the donor zone and the helpers prepare the follicles while the surgeon or surgeons proceeded to coordinate the follicles already prepared by the helpers). So the results improve tremendously with increased team experience and coordination. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire with your cosmetic surgeon about the number of cases operated and see the photographic documentation of some cases. The major limitation of this surgery is the size of the flap; So in order to achieve a good result we need several patches and therefore of several scars and operations, the number of implants is limited to the size of the flap. A good flap may have 500 to 1000 follicles.