Hair Implantation Techniques

The implantation is performed by microsurgery. For the creation of implantation channels in the bare areas, the surgeon of the Islamabad transplantation Centers has the choice between two different techniques, namely the (micro) impact technique and the (micro) slit technique.

(Micro) Impacts

Small holes are made using a special needle, a very fine needle called punch, with a diameter varying between 0.7 and 1.2 mm. This cylindrical shrinkage of the thin parts of the skin makes it possible both to reduce the size of the bald area and to ensure the implantation of an equivalent number of healthy tissues with hair follicles resistant to dihydro testosterone.

The (micro) Slits

This consists of micro-incisions on the bald part of the skull with a small scalpel to implant there then the grafts of equivalent size. The fineness of micro-incisions has the advantage of not damaging the roots of the primitive hair still present at the top. Obviously, the slits cannot be made anyway, but according to an axis, taking into account the orientation of the future regrowth of the hair to give a result as natural as possible.


The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser is used to graft hair follicles into small holes or slits. The advantage of this laser is that there is practically no bleeding, which provides a perfect view of the areas to be treated. The disadvantage is that the intervention technique is more complicated and that the implantation channels can not be too large or risk burns and the destruction of the grafts.

A more recent syFUE, the Erbium: YAG laser (used mainly in dentistry), has the advantage of a water absorption affinity 10 times greater than that of the CO2 laser, which virtually excludes any risk of burning. Thanks to a specially adapted software, this laser allows to offer a very high capillary density and to ensure a very natural result of the reconstruction of the capillary demarcation line.

Above mentioned methods and techniques are the best and useful for hair transplantation positive results and this can be obtained from the best Islamabad Hair transplantation centers. These centers use the latest technique and equipment in the surgery. And they have the positive results from the clients although foreigners also visit here to get the best hair transplant surgery.