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After the usage of anesthesia in hair transplantation surgery, the next step begins with the harvesting operation from the donor area of ​​a skin fragment elliptical, 4-5 cm in length and width of 1-1.5 cm. The Donor area is sutured so after wound healing, scar is practically very less visible, being covered with hairs in the vicinity. Fragment of skin harvested under the control objectives that enhance the image of 6-8 times, isolated very closely grafts containing 1, 2 or 3 hair follicles (or hair roots).

The modern technique – uses micro grafts follicular harvest individual hair follicles direct, special scalpels circular wires that allow the extraction with minimal scarring in the donor area. In this way eliminates the drawback of this longitudinal scar of 8-10 cm in the occipital region. Thus extracted wires are deposited into a special vessel and inventory number. In a single session can involve up to 800 -1000 follicular micro grafts may be sufficient to resolve the problem capillary.

The major advantages of this new technology for hair implants consist of rapid postoperative recovery, one session transplant, the donor graft with minimal changes and a more natural appearance.

Intervention Step in Hair Transplant

These grafts will be placed at the site receiving the millimeter incisions placed alternately like a chessboard, wide enough not to disturb their vascularization. If the wires are placed too close and too high a number, there is a risk that some of them will be practically thrown out by the pressure created. It’s like trying to put on 6 pairs of shoes more than 6 pairs of legs. Therefore, resort to transplant several sessions, the first session grefandu the “whites” and the next meeting “black areas” corresponding to an imaginary checkerboard, yielding a finally capilaradorita density.

It should be noted that never grafted area will not look like the normal dense areas because between hairs will be a distance of a few millimeters.


The anesthesia used for hair transplant surgery is local with or without intravenous potentiation, most commonly using a mixture of lidocaine with epinephrine (which will be excluded in patients with cardiac arrhythmias). Allergy to lidocaine is rare, and test for sensitivity to lidocaine asked us remove any suspicion.

Surgery is done through the various methods and all the process is followed effectively by the best Hair transplant centers in Pakistan 2017.