If you have thought or have thought to recover that leafy hair that over the years has suffered a considerable decrease, you have searched the most affordable prices in Google hair transplant and everything points to Pakistan as the country with the cheapest surgeries, Will have passed through the head why the hair transplant in Pakistan is so cheap? Keep reading and you will have all the answers you are looking for.

Although the price of a hair transplant in Pakistan is immensely lower than in other European countries or Arab countries (at least 70% cheaper than in Germany, 10 times lower than the value of this type of surgery in the United States United and well below the 14,000 Euros that can cost in Spain), there are highly qualified professionals , with extensive experience in the field, the latest technology equipment in the forefront of this type of interventions, and a staff with a Wide experience in continuous growth due to the number of hair transplants performed every day.

There are a number of factors affecting the low prices of hair transplants in Pakistan:

One of them is the number of clinics that exist, more than 250 centers specialized in hair transplantation, each with several surgical rooms equipped with the most sophisticated technology, which have a high number of surgeries per day, which decreases considerably The costs to the clinics allowing them to offer prices far below the other countries. In Pakistan clinics also have Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant.

Another reason that allows to have economic prices of the hair transplant in Pakistan, is that unlike the other countries that charge by amount of transplanted follicles, in this Eurasian country is charged by the working hours of the medical group  , which oscillates between 6 u 8 hours, where it is possible to transplant up to five thousand (5000) follicles. Therefore, it is common to see in the packages of the esthetic clinics that offer the services of hair transplants the offer of 5,000 transplanted follicles.

The medical fees of Pakistani surgeons are much lower than the salaries paid to surgeons in other European countries, as a result of which wages in Pakistan are lower compared to other countries, due to the prices of goods and services at the national level .The low administrative costs of a Pakistani hospital, unlike the very high costs of maintenance and administration of hospitals and clinics in the world.

The boost that this new type of ‘health’ or ‘health’ tourism has brought to Pakistan, which generates around 900 million euros to the country, has given a respite to traditional Turkish tourism, which has been affected by The instability that this beautiful country has undergone, but with the arrival of more than 600 thousand patients in search of hair transplant, they have refilled the streets and points of tourist interest of this paradise, reason why the government headed by Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, cleverly subsidized this practice in the country to keep prices incredibly attractive.

Competition plays a crucial role, the number and variety of hair transplant clinics in Pakistan makes keeping prices low in a healthy competition to attract customers.

If you add to all this, that the packages offer accommodation, transfers, translator-guide, pre-operative consultation, hair transplantation, postoperative consultation and hair graft guarantee, there is no doubt that the ideal place to do that retouch Hair is Pakistan for its value for money.