In the sport there are also some cases of hair transplantation sounded, being publicly recognized, the case of Wayne Rooney and Jorgen Koop.

David Beckham and the Hair Transplant

The former England soccer player, who will mark a turning point in sports advertising, has exploited his advertising capacity to the fullest, becoming a star off the pitch, a race that continues even after he hangs up his boots. But there is no doubt that to maintain its physical appeal over the years it has needed a hair transplant . If you want results like that visit hair transplant Islamabad .

Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

Manchester United’s English footballer, in 2011, underwent hair transplant surgery , and shared it with everyone through his twitter account: “Hello everyone. This is my head. It will need a few months to grow. I was getting bald at 25, so why not? ” IF you also want a transplant try Q-FUE Technique The Advanced Technology

Diego Pablo Simone and the Hair Transplant

The Argentine coach of Atletico Madrid, has undergone a considerable change in his hair, has never been confirmed a hair transplant  by the’Cholo ‘, but the tests of his now thick hair give to suspect that he passed through a hair graft.

Iker Casillas and Hair Transplant

The Spanish goalkeeper, now Porto player and former Real Madrid player, as reported in his time ‘The Other Chronicle’ supplement of the El Mundo newspaper, in December 2011, was treated in a clinic near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium with a Hair transplant , to correct the entries that were observed.

Antonio Conte and the Hair Transplant

Share capillary transplantation

The Italian coach of Chelsea FC, in the closing of his career as a player was affected by alopecia. But when taking the reins of the Italian selection, it reappeared with a hair that surprised to all, although never confirmed a transplant of hair .

The Hair Transplant by Jurgen Kloop

The German coach of Liverpool, confirmed to the newspaper Bild his step to a cosmetic clinic to get a hair transplant  : “Yes, I have transplanted my hair . The result has turned out to be cool, eh? ”

As well as they are a significant number of artists who have opted for hair transplant  as a solution to their hair loss, yes, most trying to keep it secret: Enrique Iglesias, Miguel Bosé, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Matthew McConaughey Or Steven Seagal are some of them.