The tendency to bald is genetic, but can also occur from untreated dandruff, dermatitis and other skin diseases. Dietrich in the preservative habit of taking steroids, hair shampoos highly concentrated aggression and stress are factors that hasten the process. However, there are effective solutions to treat baldness: hair implants, made their own yarn.

If one client, For the sake of his curly hair,hesitates to mow. If at some point they appear to baldness, which already gives the first signs, he has thought of a hair implant. “I do not know, but if such intervention is a long-term and the prices seem a little steep,” might think the young man. Such an intervention costs between 1,00000 and 2,00000 Pakistani Rupees, depending on the size of the area in which implanted wire hair. 

Implanted Hair Falls

His fears were countered by dermatologists who claim that hair is a surgical implant fairly safe and that the risk is minimal body to reject it. “The operation is done with auto grafts. There is no risk of rejection. Take hairs with root neck and implanted in holes specially created for the bald, “said Doctor of Hair n hair Hair Transplant In Islamabad. Experts say that in the neck does not secrete certain enzymes that lead to hair loss, so it is ideal for harvesting healthy hairs. These natural fibers are obtained either by direct extraction or through extraction block and are processed under magnification Loupes.

“I had a big mop of hair on the head”

Among the patients, Doctor of Hair n hair Transplant center makes it well includes young man, who went through such intervention last summer. “I had an onset of baldness and I wanted to take it in a hurry. I really wanted this intervention that I could get used to the idea that I would be bald after all my life I had a big mop of hair, “says Client, whose first signs of baldness, appeared for 18 years.

Before making a surgical hair-piece, dermatologists have prescribed a dandruff and seborrhea and then they did the surgery thickening of hair on the forehead. “When it comes, must be healthy scalp. Should be removed from the scalp dandruff and baskets, “says dermatologist.

“During the operation, I watched two films”

Like all those who want a hair implant, and Client was reluctant to first dermatological control. “After discussion with the doctor, I quietly. I understand that they are not high risk. In addition, I was a happy event because I had a bald extended, “he said.

The intervention lasted more than four hours. “How much I watched two movies,” he recalls. Depending on the size of the area to be implanted hairs during operation varies between four and six hours. Prior to implant, are prohibited cola, coffee, alcohol. “Otherwise, not catch anesthesia, “warns the doctor Irinel Nedelcu. Laser hair removal is contraindicated for those suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. These patients may put voltage spikes during operation and complications may occur. After hair implant, the area should be protected. “I sat quietly in the house about a week and I took care not to hit me. When my wires were removed everything was okay, “Client describes his experience.

Do you know what is the Ideal Time or Optimal Age for a Hair Transplant?

Avoid coarse and gels fixative

Food. Look for natural products, for example the country and go somewhere to buy vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, wine, honey, etc. Once a month you can visit a relative in the countryside and buy from it or from neighbors.

Care. Avoid aggressive shampoos, dyes hair dyes, gels, soaps poor quality. These products deplete natural skin protection.

Drugs. Do not give yourself the pills, as some have the effect of hair fall.