One of the questions commonly found in young people affected by hair loss is the optimal age or the ideal time to make your hair transplant surgery?

A hair transplant done at an early age could be the beginning of an adventure costly in the long run. In many cases the doctors advise patients to wait up to an age close to 30 years. Of course, this depends from case to case, depending on the degree and type of alopecia that presents the patient.

What is the best age for hair replacement surgery?

Technical and practical, hair transplants Islamabad can be performed at any age. Young people with alopecia problems often require recovery of frontline doctors who later may look unnatural. Therefore, all aspects need to be considered further surgery, which will occur in the coming years.

Young patients show in most cases, hair loss in the temples, which can disturb those coves prolonged (somewhere between 20 and 24 years). The question is that you must keep in mind that it is possible that in a few years this fall to continue progressively, and getting a high densities in the front will determine later an unnatural appearance because hair from behind the front will be rare or completely absent.

What is recommendedfor patients is to be realistic in their expectations and to make together with the specialist at least a backup plan for the future (i.e. to ensure that if alopecia progresses, will the donor area viable for a subsequent intervention by thickening or recovery front line).

To restore the front line and densities as a teenager, one must consider that such implants can sometimes require thousands of grafts, which cost an intervention as expected.

How many interventions can be made by the FUE method?

If there is necessary finances and donor area permits, can be made smoothly 3 to 5 interventions by the method FUE.

What can young people have problems with Alopecia?

Hair loss can be a very unpleasant, especially at a young age. If it is and rogenetic alopecia, then you can try various treatments such as Minoxidil 5% goods and / or Finasteride, Proscar or Dutasteride. An alarming 50% of men can achieve using these treatments for a minimum of 6 months. If after 6 months there is no difference, then it must cancel it and consider a hair transplant. But it takes into account all the above, to get a more realistic result and have a long-term plan. They are recommended in this case (young people up to 20-30 years) restoring higher front lines (not the teen) and some lower density to preserve the donor in the event of the necessity of further intervention.

It is awaiting an option?

If you do not mind very much the way that hair loss affects your image, our recommendation is to wait until you reach the final stage of alopecia or at least until you reach an age close to 30 years. Many young people will say that in 30 years, it will be too late and nor will they care about how they look. We argue that there is no age at which the image was no longer count. Most clinics have even requested from patients aged between 40 and 50 years, some for their first implant, others for further intervention. But all of the work is done under the special surveillance by the Best Hair transplant centers in Islamabad.