Once a change of look is done to favor the appearance and feel better, it is fundamental to take care of the transplanted hair , normally already in the own clinics they offer postoperative advice to change certain habits that will help to treat the hair properly.

Once transplanted hair does not usually require care that is excessively different from that of normal hair, but if it is advisable to treat it very well during the first few months, it should be remembered that hair growth during that first year is very small and it is fundamental to follow certain recommendations so that Develops normally. For more information visit hair transplant Islamabad .

Protect and care for transplanted hair in summer

When holidaymakers arrive, beach lovers on field trips change their customs, take more leisure time to stroll, enjoy the sun, have a drink with friends until late at night and eat fast food after work to Make good use of the hours of the day. In those days of leisure or routine changes it is imperative to take care of transplanted hair in a more continuous way.Do you know about Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant ?

It is essential not to use products that can damage the hair, to visit specialized stores or pharmacies that can offer sprays for the protection of exposed hair for hours in the sunlight, treatments for hair hygiene and shampoos with PH suitable for treating hair well Transplanted.

Recover image after implanted hair

The transplanted area of ​​the patient is usually cured easily, although it is common the possible bleeding in later days does not usually affect its growth or its correct healing, is a process that the body admits perfectly.

The implantation and postoperative process lasts several days, the healing time depends on the patient’s evolution, after that period the center itself offers tips for the good care of the transplanted area, these interventions are already very frequent today, both the Man and woman want to recover the image after the fall of natural hair or a disease.

During the first few months the patient may suffer from certain itching due to scabs or dryness of the area, you should take care of the implanted hair following the instructions of the doctor specialized in transplants to guarantee an adequate result and recover the image in a few months.

Complications of the area implanted in the first year

That first year after the operation is perhaps the most complicated, although the hair will grow naturally as does anyone’s hair, if it is imperative to get the hair to gain strength, take good note of the specialist’s post-surgical instructions Which has carried out the whole operation to know how the healing process is and how to disinfect and treat the entire scalp during those months.

If you are going through a hot season, it is ideal to use treatments that avoid dandruff and fat and to be intercalated with shampoos with appropriate PH, not to use in the transplanted hair any treatment that is corrosive or excessively harmful to the area in that first year, Follow the instructions quoted by the doctor as they have been indicated avoiding to damage the implanted hair.