If you did not like how you had your hair before the change, learn new ways to comb your hair after hair transplant grow back, regain your style or plan to model your hair with a new look.

Obviously as with your natural hair , you can re- comb hair and treat it as you want, hair transplantation allows you to have more abundance of hair so you can possibly change your style without too much difficulty, try to be a little patient and wait for That has adequate growth to be able to comb it to your liking.

With this hair treatment the patient does not need to take special care, it allows him to live normal life and simply take into account a series of specific data for good hair care .

Know more about your implant when combing hair

As in any other surgery the hair transplant will have the scar, in the first few days and months it may be possible to notice a little, it is advisable to comb the hair on the scar to hide it immediately, normally this information is facilitated in the clinic, small postoperative advice Which are necessary to get along well the first weeks and months after hair implants. You dont feel scar in hair transplant Islamabad when you see the enverment .

Whether you are a man or a woman, the image we have of ourselves before and after the hair transplant varies a lot, it is important to know techniques to comb the hair in all cases, although special attention must be paid if the person has enough hair in certain Areas, trying to maintain an image that can please personally. And another technique is Q-FUE Technique

Hair after the first year of hair transplantation

What happens to the hair after a year of transplantation? After a year of transplanting, the hair already has a certain height if it has been allowed to grow normally, an appropriate time to think about the final hairstyle or according to the time of year. The evolution of the capillary graft has allowed a certain volume and can be given the appropriate form.

Through years of baldness or excessive hair loss, the person no longer acquires a habit of combing, the grafted hair allows obtaining the definitive solution, countless people opt for a change that helps them to have the sensation of rejuvenation and Of greater personal care, completely changing its aesthetics days or months ago.

Currently hair treatments are offered to the patient with little risk and after a first year of hair transplantation can already see very positive results, has completely reduced the inflamed area and can wash their hair with complete normality, treat it with products suitable for The hair and comb it as they wish. Surgery today is nothing complex and the results are appropriate for people of different ages, a treatment that hardly requires time or hospitalization and offers the solution for both men and women in young people or older people Advanced.