Hair growth has a cyclic scheme which is called within the environment as a hair cycle . This means that hair does not grow indefinitely, but must respond to its own nature, and each follicle has its own cycle of growth independent of the rest of the follicles that surround it. There are 3 phases that the hair crosses during its growth, which are denominated like Anagen phase, Catágena phase and Telogen phase.

Due to the life cycle of each hair, it is normal to lose between 80 and 100 ha per day, if more are lost per day then it is there when it can be diagnosed that some type of alopecia is suffered, but 100 hairs per day It is normal to lose. It is estimated that 85% of hair is in constant growth phase while the rest is in rest state, this balance prevents visible hair loss. For best results visit  hair transplant Islamabad.  

The Anagen phase is the growth phase, where the hair is attached to the papilla and where it is born and grows. This growth process may take approximately 2 to 6 years, although the estimated average time is usually taken as 3 years. This phase is key to the formation of a healthy, strong and thick hair, and the metabolism of activity that hair has at this point is that ensures a rapid division of hair s creating new hair and growing the existing hair. check it if you have to know about  CAPILLARY TRANSPLANT

In the Anagen phase the follicle has a form similar to that of an onion and by the FUE is where the hair will grow thanks to the constant division by mitosis. It is at this time the hair is highly sensitive, and there are many factors that can prevent growth activity from being stopped or being reduced in its growth phase. If we unbalance this Allogeneic phase then hair loss will increase (factors such as nutritional deficiencies, stress and certain diseases) may increase.

The Catagen phase is the transition phase, which extends for about 3 weeks and is where its growth stops to be separated from the papilla. It diminishes its ular activity reducing its division by mitosis, the bulb takes a cylindrical form and also reduces its size until a third of what was its original size during the phase Alógena. It is at this point where the hair detaches from its root moving upward from the scalp.

Finally we have the telogen phase, is the resting phase that lasts about 3 and 4 months and is where the hair falls. This fall can be caused by the new hair that is already growing from the root (which will begin its new growth cycle) and push it out, or it may come off on its own. Not all the hair of the body has the same time of anagen phase, it is estimated that the hair grows between one millimeter and one and a half millimeter every two days and 9 hours and a half.