At Dr. DR ABDUL KHALIQ MALIK hair transplant Islamabad center, each implant is considered a work of art. Almost 10 years and over 10000 patients have managed to perfect the technique FUE at the highest level. Using original instruments, latest technology, proprietary and complex protocols both preoperative and postoperative intra and, we can obtain 100% natural results in a maximum possible density.

For the patient, recovery is immediate without scarring, pain or bleeding. Q-FUE technique is the least invasive of all existing hair implant techniques and highly evolved.

First step

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Start by meeting with a physician certified specialist in the advanced FUE technique that you discuss your problem and that you will agree on a treatment strategy (the most appropriate).

Step Two

The next step is the intervention itself. It begins by trimming the occipital where going to harvest grafts (Hair roots that may have one, two, three, four and even five hairs). The way of harvesting donor in this area is the main difference from the process Strip. Unlike the strip, where they cut a consistent part of the scalp to be excised and stripped of grafts (leaving a huge scar) by the advanced manual FUE each strand individually extracted without pain or scarring later.

In conclusion, the recovery is much faster compared to alternative strip (recovery from surgery strip can reach even up to 6 months) and the healing is done without scars.

Step Three

After harvesting all grafts needed by a physician (harvesting is done manually for greater care acoradata each hair), following their implantation in depleted areas. The major difference compared to other currently existing methods today consists in the possibility of implanting wires in the desired angle. Natural hair grows at an angle between 10 and 45 degrees. Classical techniques, strip or FUE implanted by pricking the skin with a scalpel circular (which inevitably hurts existing wires). The wires coming out through the conventional method will increase the angle of 90 degrees giving the appearance classic doll.
By implanter particular wires are implanted in natural angle, giving the appearance of natural hair 100%, so even the savviest can not say that there was done an implant. Yes, you deserve to know that advanced FUE is the only technique that can regain the hair with a completely natural by Islamabad hair transplantation centers.