Hair transplant centers are very well known for the successful surgeries in Islamabad. All the surgeries followed by the special criteria to transplant. And all has allowed the others to go through the transplantation surgery Grafted area will be covered with antibiotic ointment, bandage that will prevent adhesion to the hair and pulling their accidental. For any postoperative pain, otherwise very rare, can prescribe painkillers.

You should avoid excessive physical activity for a week and drinking for two days pre- and postoperative. Because it causes vasoconstriction on with impaired vasculature grafts, smoking is bad and therefore recommended its discontinuation, a few weeks before and after surgery.

The head will be kept in the upright position, with the trunk at an angle of 45 ┬░, at least during the first night.

Hair washing should be avoided in the first 5 days after surgery. After this period, we recommend frequent washing of hair, to reduce folliculitis, seborrhea and hair loss trend.

Sometimes swelling can occur on the forehead or eyelids, looking for a bruising (bruise), passing spontaneously within a few days. If necessary, can prescribe steroids for a few days.

After surgery, vascular stress because it may be that some grafted hairs fall, but do not have to worry about this because after approx. 6 weeks wires will reappear. Biological evolution has the same hair graft from the donor area hair, that develops, whitens and has regular times of change, just like normal hair.

Hair Transplant Complications

Besides general complications common to any surgery, allergic reactions, bleeding, hematoma, infection, soft tissue necrosis) may occur some complications specific to this type of surgery.

Hypertrophic scarring may occur (bulky scars, red-violet), but they can be treated with intralesional administration of corticosteroids. It can occur only rarely in the donor area. If you appear in the receiving areas, it prevents hair growth and is an absolute contraindication to transplantation future.

Receiving grafts bumps at the site, which evolves with good hair growth can be treated by simply cutting scalpel or dermabrasion. This is the process through which transplantation surgery is successful. Many people are worried about where to go for hair transplant in Pakistan but here is  best place for hair transplant in Pakistan.