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Best hair surgery is FUE, you will need antibiotics to prevent possible infection. When ever you use Hair N hair, a hair transplant in Islamabad, they will suggest you tips to avoid infections after surgery. Postoperative care: At 24 hours after surgery will be washed first. This treatment is very important in hair transplantation. Gently wash the scalp, gently tap the recipient, [...]

Hair Implant in Best Centers

This operation targets both men and women in the areas of alopecia higher or lower. Baldness (alopecia) occurs more frequently in men in the front parietal and may extend to the whole scalp. The causes of baldness may be local or general. After a skin examination after which excluded or treated all local causes remain general causes, [...]


In order to respond to this limitation, a new technique is called the FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ). This technique consists of removing the follicles one by one with a very precise circular scalpel. This type of successful surgery is possible through Hair transplant in Pakistan. The technique of extracting follicular units has several advantages: There is [...]

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