This operation targets both men and women in the areas of alopecia higher or lower. Baldness (alopecia) occurs more frequently in men in the front parietal and may extend to the whole scalp. The causes of baldness may be local or general.

After a skin examination after which excluded or treated all local causes remain general causes, namely hormones for which there is virtually too many treatment options. Indicate these patients are hair transplants. The method consists in removing a strip of skin with hair from the occipital area (of the neck), which is processed by multiple incisions to obtain some very small fragments of skin with one or two hair follicles.

They will be inserted in the skin hairless, step by step until all the follicles were transplanted entirely. Another method is using a harvesting tool specially made that round and small fragments harvested skin and hair. The donor does not need suturing, this healing spontaneously. Hair transplant 100% successful are possible with the help of hairnhair qualified surgeons.

Not all transplanted follicles will “catch” some of them will be eliminated. It takes more interventions of this kind, the same area, so that will achieve a satisfactory result. The donor area is sutured directly. Another option to cover the alopecia is to use expand. These devices are inserted into the hair covered the immediate vicinity of baldness, expands several weeks until you get enough skin with hair.

Through a subsequent intervention will remove expand will excised hairless area of ​​skin to cover the defect and thus obtained with excess skin covered by hair. At any time of the interventions and in any form of alopecia surgery have doubled or applying minoxidil lotion aminoxil role in hair follicle regeneration especially in preventing new ones. The smaller areas of alopecia preparations can try cortisone injections repeated at intervals of a few weeks, preparations which often regenerate the hair follicles.

When is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is indicated when bald resistant to local treatment, both men and women.

Operation can be performed at any age after 18 years. If severe coagulation disorders, severe infectious diseases, skin diseases or diabetes, it is advisable to abstain from any surgery.

How many treatment sessions are needed to achieve a satisfactory result?

It usually takes more than one session for the same area. Normal hair density is obtained after several treatment sessions, 3-5. Not all hair follicles ‘catch’, about 20-30% are lost every operation.

What is the postoperative care?

After the operation area that were transplanted hairs should not be traumatized. The look is quite unsatisfactory in the first weeks.

After approximately 3-4 weeks are allowed to shave the area and after another two weeks start to grow hair that survived transplantation. 3-4 months can repeat the procedure.

The result is good?

The end result is achieved once the final new hair follicles are not influenced by hormonal changes later. The transplanted areas, welcome the association of the cosmetic product on the basis of minoxidil and aminoxil or periodic injection of cortisone preparations. Best results are possible in hair transplant in Islamabad, where new technology and well experienced doctors are available.

There are differences in terms of appearance transplanted hair?

Depending on the way in which the transplanted hair follicles, in particular hair type for transplantation, the surgeon’s experience and accuracy of the art, may be transplanted hair noticeably different or not, in other areas of the scalp hair.

There are scars visible place where hair is harvested?

The place where hair is harvested by direct suture closes that will heal by scar very inconspicuous, being hidden in the occipital hairy. After 4-5 months can harvest a new strip of skin with hair the same area, the defect resulted closing up all by direct suture. Also read about best hair transplant In Pakistan.