The FUE Technique

Origin of the FUE technique:

Alopecia and baldness generated mainly by genetic inheritance is the one that usually suffers greater inconveniences when it comes to treating and avoiding it. The FUE technique, called Follicular Unit Extraction, is a safe and effective treatment, which involves the removal of follicular units from certain parts of the head to be relocated to the bald area to be treated.

A minimally invasive tecique

FUE extraction is very invasive for the patient and only requires local anesthesia and oral sedation. This method of extraction was created in 2001, and since then is the most widely used medical surgical capillary surgery. The follicles extracted and then reinserted into the scalp, are extracted from the back of the head or the sides, which is where the hair usually rooted to remain a lifetime.


With a recovery without sequelae

The FUE technique is precise and accurate, it requires great experience on the part of the professional and great ability for this type of microsurgery to avoid any possible damage to the patient, which is why very few surgeons of the capillary specialization perform this technique. The potential of this technique was a revolution mainly because it is not very invasive for the patient and even its post-operative and recovery which is fast and without leaving marks of scars. Also check hair transplant Islamabad.

The follicles are selected individually in a random manner so as not to lose the density in the donor site.

The incision is made with the device around each follicle.

A special extraction device is inserted around each follicle on the back or side of the head. DO you want to know WHAT IS THE CAPILLARY TRANSPLANT?

The follicles are gently extracted, without damaging the area. Only tiny red spots remain, which disappear on the same day and give way to the growth of new hair in weeks.

The extracted follicles are organized and prepared for transplantation in a saline solution.

Small incisions the size of a small needle are made in the areas of the scalp where the follicles are transplanted. A natural area of ​​hair is created with transplanted hairs and the hair begins to grow naturally in a matter of weeks.

It is very important to respect the inclination and distance between the implanted follicles so that the density is perfect and homogeneous. Symbiosis perfect between Technology and Art
The hair transplant has an artistic connotation created by specialists in this type of treatment, since it requires time, technique and dedication so that the result is natural and efficient; Must achieve harmony with the hair already existing in the patient, penetrating each follicle at the corresponding angle and in the right place, adding that the opportunities of donors are limited and if the result becomes negative, a valuable source of capital is exhausted, Which ends up being irrecoverable.

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