Hair loss has become recoverable. Hairnhair Hospital applies the newest and effective method of hair transplant – extraction unit follicular (EUF) to help people suffering from hair loss – alopecia – to regain expressive face and appearance of the image, and confidence itself.

PURPOSE: restoring the hair, and eyebrows to make it look as natural hair without scarring.


  • people suffering from alopecia (hair loss)
  • people who have suffered accidents, burns or surgery, after which certain areas of the head and face remained hairless


Hair transplant surgery involves collecting hair behind your head and pasting it into another area. For a more natural hair is necessary transplanting a large number of follicles. Therefore, good results and shorter recovery period as shall be provided by the transplant technique chosen. Hairnhair apply the most modern, efficient and harmless method – EUF (Follicular Unit Extraction).

In contrast to other methods that require small fragments of skin transplantation, EUF is a minimally invasive technique, performed under local anesthesia. It does not require incisions and leaves no scars and is suitable for people who wear short hair. Using a small needle, each hair follicle is collected separately, without being shaken.

Such collection is more efficient and takes less healing. Depending on the surface area of ​​the transplant procedure EUF may be carried out in one day (for 3-6 hours) or in two sessions scheduled in two successive days. Transplanted hairs retain their natural characteristics and grow normally in the receivers, in about 2-3 months.


Hair transplants in Islamabad do not require a recovery period, the patient can return to routine activities the very next day. The procedure leaves no scars and the signs will disappear entirely after 10-15 days.

Mesotherapy –  Hair loss treatment by injection of the biologically active substances


Mesotherapy scalp is a non-surgical treatment with proven in most cases of hair loss.

Mesotherapy requires the introduction of biologically active substances (SBA) in the depth of the dermis in the hair follicle and vascular plexuses. Once inside the target tissues, SBA stimulates the synthesis of virtually all intraular biochemical pathways Scientifically Proven Method of Hair Transplant.

What are SBA (biologically active substances)? 

SBA is a wide range of organic products such as essential amino acids, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, vitamins, etc. as well as inorganic compounds and trace elements such as minerals. Wine prepared solutions ready for injection in single doses by the manufacturer.

How does the procedure?

SBA injection is an outpatient basis, through those very thin to minimize sensations. Also, you can use an anesthetic solution, if there is no allergy to it. It is important for the doctor to inject the solution at the appropriate level, ie in the growth and development of follicles.

Mesotherapy does not require special preparation. 

The patient need only be in a good health condition with acute inflammation or infection. The injection depends on the area treated, but usually does not exceed 30 minutes. There remain visible, however, rarely can form small bruises injection sites.

Mesotherapy sessions can be scheduled every 2 weeks for intensive treatment and once a month for maintenance treatment. They are recommended in combination with hair transplantation intervention after a doctor determined individually scheme.

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