Whether caused by trauma, surgery or has other medical causes, inability to grow facial hair and sideburns is a problem among men. Many of these men say the lack of facial hair and sideburns weakens their self-esteem and image of themselves.

Sideburns transplantation in Islamabad can help you get facial hair again and regain your confidence.

Suitable candidates for transplantation sideburns

Facial hair transplantation offers a solution to men who have sideburns allow some follicular units to grow where they want. The best candidates are men whose beards grow irregularly.

Why Clinic hairnhair best choice for transplantation sideburns

Tranplantation the sidebar requires artistic skills and specific surgery for the patient to enjoy a better look and to and reshape facial appearance.click here hair transplant islamabad

We are proud that we provide you the latest surgical techniques combined with the latest technology aesthetics. Surgeons specialized in Scientifically Proven Method hair transplantation from hairnhair to strive for a transplant sideburns exceptional and natural.

Sideburns transplant procedure in Islamabad centers

Sideburns transplantation is carried out by transplantation of follicular units FUE method, using a completely natural way. It’s the same technique used in hair transplantation, but in this case we pay more attention sideburns alignment with facial hair around the face. Your new sidebar can last a lifetime.

After conducting the procedure

Following transplantation of sideburns, newly transplanted hair will begin to grow immediately. You may see your sideburn full density at one year after transplantation.

General risks of transplantation sideburns

  • infections
  • Scar
  • Numbness
  • loss of sensation
  • The need for corrective surgery