Follicular Unit Extraction is an advanced technology used in hair transplant surgery to ensure good results by implanting natural hair without complications and side effects. This technology has many advantages:

Follicular unit extraction, non-invasive surgery;

  • Do not require hospitalization;

-No tissue flaps;

-No scars;

Quick –vinde care;

-No incisions;

-No sutures;

-Mimeaza perfect pattern hairiness outline of capillaries;

-Implantarea is 100% natural hair;

-Can be implanted at 200-1000 units / session (more than other methods- hence fewer treatment sessions).

Synthetic fibers have been banned by the FDA (1984) because of the disadvantages and risks posed implantation in the dermis of synthetic fibers: blisters, inflammation, infection, further loss of existing hair raising an immune response severely body attacking foreign substances synthetic fibers. Technology insertion of fibers one by one, and the treatment is applied in repeated sessions (to allow adaptation scalp). The Islamabad hair transplant center is a good option for the victims of baldness.? They have best qualified doctors.

Techniques to implant hair

  1. Method of hair dermal grafts

Grafting technique by taking portions of the occipital region of the scalp with hair related (dermal graft-pilose) is a traditional technique, used long before the advent of modern hair transplantation.The Ideal Time or Optimal Age for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation involves transferring a small portion of hair-bearing scalp from the donor zpna (occipital area) to hairless. Grafts differ by size and shape: round grafts ( “round shaped punch” 10-15 hairs) grafts “slot” (“split” introduced by incisions created in the scalp 4-10 threads), graft strands ( “strip” long thin wire 30-40).

Donor area is closed with stitches. Although they seemed more modern methods and less invasive implantation irrigation, this technique is still commonly used by surgeons as an effective method.