The fall line located scalp hair in men or relapse occurs initially at the forehead and top of the head (such as a crown in the center of the scalp). Most men (about 95%) shows the first symptoms of male pattern baldness at a very young age (20-30 years), which are caused by a medical condition called androgenetic alopecia.

In fact, this disease susceptibility genetic cause some hair follicles (hair roots) to a substance called DHT (dihydrotestosterone – testosterone metabolite). Attaching follicle receptors cause this substance to the hair root, and this slows the development of hair by inhibiting the production of keratin. Both alopecia in men and women can be caused by the same disease, following the accumulation of increased levels of DHT. This substance creates a barrier between the hair follicle and its blood supply, stopping the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the s.

Eventually the hair will fall attacked, and the only way to replace the hair follicle is to replace affected. However folciulii not all are receptive to this substance, and not all hairs fall: in April of the neck threads remain intact because they have apparently developed some immunity to this substance. This is extremely important because hair transplants in Islamabad are based on harvesting follicles from this area (which retains immunity, and after transplantation). Such is the posterior scalp donor hair transplant surgery.

Alopecia’s Cure Is Hair Transplantation

The most common and most effective method of treatment of alopecia is hair implant. The procedure was perfected over time, improved techniques until they reached a fairly simple procedure, which does not offer significant changes from the first application.

Pakistan is the best place for capillary hair transplantation because of its qualified and experienced doctors. The Hair implantation method was developed around 1930, but details were lost during the war. Then in 1950 he began research on new methods of hair transplant in the US. Japanese research has concetrated on implanting hair in the eyebrows and eyelashes for victims of accidents, burns, more than the implant capillary.

Since the 1990s techniques and treatment options have multiplied. They were introduced modern technologies, such etehnologia laser to facilitate the regeneration achieving more natural results with cicatriciminime.

Because the hair implant surgery uses natural doarpar from the same patient (donator- site occipital scalp area) follicles “get” faster and resumption of development is accelerated. A Natural appearance is guaranteed and Hibernation natural hair will grow as long as the donor is healthy and also foliculiipilosi.