Robotic help you determinaii if it is right for you. You should know what will happen in advance, but during and after the procedure of hair transplant Robotic and time when you can expect to see results.

The procedure of hair transplant Robotic has been designed thinking about your needs. Developed by doctors in department leadership hair transplant and researchers, this state-of-the-art was created to eliminate doubts and fatigue associated with manual methods portable, and scars, complications and time working invasive surgical techniques. Unlike hair transplant Islamabad methods oldest in the procedure for hair transplant Robotic no stitches are required, making this technique is almost undetectable by you. You can expect at natural-looking results without the side effects and recovery time resulting from older techniques.

During the initial phase of the technique of transplantation of Robotic hair , the hair is collected in ODA selectively with precision robot, thus providing a coherent graft dissection. Advanced robotics ensure speed and accuracy improved harvesting Q-FUE techniques that were not available through manual portable. The procedure of hair transplant Robotic protect existing hair and keeps it healthy. Islamabad hair transplant center is best place for robotic hair transplant session.

How will I look like?

During the consultation, your doctor will work to design your custom model hair and provide different options, displaying different grips graft and hair distribution, with direct input, thanks to 3D technology procedure hair transplant Robotic .

During the procedure

During the procedure, you will be seated and clinical team will do everything possible to ensure comfort. A local anesthetic will be used during the procedure hair transplant Robotic .

The doctor will be assisted by robotic syFUE that will use advanced algorithms to select the best hair harvesting, while preserving the natural appearance of the donor site. After harvesting procedure, the hair is transplanted into the thinning areas.

After the procedure

After the procedure of hair transplant Robotic , you’ll be able to return home immediately, your doctor will instruct you on how to be taking care of newly transplanted hair.

New hair growth

Follow your clinician’s Instructions on how to shampoo and care for your hair. Your newly transplanted hair, like the rest of your hair, grows steadily over time. A Few months after, Will you begin to see new hair growth. Around six months, you start to notice Will Significant growth. Will continue to grow your