Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to treat alopecia. But according to the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) there are a number of existing products that stimulate hair growth, and in areas where it is lacking.

* Rogaine (product obtained without a prescription – “over the counter”, the FDA approved topical treatment).

* Procerin

This product blocks the formation of DHT in the hair follicles. The product is aimed especially at young men (18 to 25) and those still in the growth phase (- recommended only for men).

* Minoxidil

Minoxidil is one of two treatments for hair growth approved by the FDA. Administration is topical and combat certain symptoms of hair loss (- recommended for both women and men).

Surgery, whatever it may be, in general, is accompanied with the application of Minoxidil lotion or aminoxil role in hair follicle regeneration and prevent damage to the others. In some areas and products are injected cortisone preparations of follicle regeneration effect.Best surgeons uses the latest technology to transplant in Islamabad best hair transplant Islamabad centers.

Other areas to implant hair follicles

Eye lashes and eye brows

Surgery to implant the genes hair was originally developed for people who have been affected by burns, congenital problems or chemotherapy. Currently, an intervention is more aesthetic than reconstructive plastic surgery – thickening the eyelashes, the length or thickness of the addition of the existing genes for people of all ages. Optimal Age for a Hair Transplant.

The operation is performed under a local anesthetic effect, and implanting follicles taken from the scalp of the head. The follicles are generally required for each eyelash 30 and the implantation process lasts about 1-2 hours. Not requiring hospitalization.


Hair transplants chest is a procedure designed to promote hair growth in the breast where there is or it Indesit existing one. The desire to have hair growth on the trunk is because sometimes a man’s idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmasculinity. The procedure is relatively painless procedure similar to implant capillary provides good results, but it is quite rare.


If the hairiness face is rare, some areas are without appear in the contours of the beard due to genetic problems, scars, trauma, you can use the transplantation of hair to obtain a beard natural with normal density or to fill the portions in which it missing. The procedure is carried out as any implant procedure in the scalp hair follicles taken from the nape of the neck. The results are satisfactory for the patient, who may then return to normal activities of shaved beard care and styling.

The cost of this intervention are higher than a capillary transplant procedure because it requires a meticulous and caution, experience and delicacy.

Laser therapy for hair growth

The laser energy is used to accelerate wound healing, decrease inflammation and minimize pain. Treatment with laser energy of low intensity is a non-invasive treatment of the scalp, which is based on absorption of laser light by chromophores (or group of atoms which, when introduced into the molecule of an organic substance, coloring the substance), which then stimulates the creser hair areas where it is lacking. This is due to the possibility of increasing blood flow, intense ular oxygenation stimulates hair follicles at the ular level and help thin or weak hair to become thicker and stronger. “Possibility” of hair growth after laser treatment is uncertain because it was not proven scientifically. Some doctors believe that these effects are due to photochemical reactions caused by the interaction of laser light beam follicles. The explanation in the description of the changes at the ular level.

Unfortunately these results are not permanent and it is necessary to apply the treatment repeatedly to stimulate hair growth.

Finishing process

If it owns hair and made a larger portion, especially if it has a marginal regions (beard, fronto-parietal) sometimes appears to be required restus end to create a more natural by incisions made a defining contour. This involves the application of a retouching process of filling the scalp with a combination of mini-grafts, grafts or split micro grafts.

All the implant techniques use existing hair (do not use synthetic fibers, taken from another donor hair, etc.). The purpose of choosing a suitable surgical technique is to use more effectively the existing hair. Candidates must have healthy hair in the occipital (neck) and sides of the head to be successfully used as donor areas.

Facial plastic surgery can correct many facial flaws and signs of premature aging and facial hair implant is one of the corrective interventions. By changing the appearance (capillary implant, implant facial hair on the chin implant follicles in the genes) the patient can change how it perceives itself and how it is viewed by others.

When is hair transplantation?