Hair loss is a reaction of the body with great consequences on a psychological level. But medicine has evolved to the point that hair transplantation is a procedure  without scarring, pain or bleeding but especially with very natural results. Dr.  Abdul Khaliq , is famous for having brought in Islamabad t echnical DHI, the least invasive of all implant techniques available. 

There are between 100,000 and 150,000 hair follicles on the scalp, and 90% of these wires are in a process of growth, 10% of the yarn is in a resting phase and 1 percent fall every day. What hairstylist will tell us when we tell that lose more than 100 hairs a day?The Ideal Time or Optimal Age for a Hair Transplant?

“First and foremost, when there are signs of baldness, you should consult a specialist. Because you have to do some very careful analysis of the scalp and the hair roots “, shares Client.

A big drop, located in a certain area, or thinning hair can be caused by deficiencies. “I need to see the status of B vitamins, which is the state of magnesium in the body. For all those deficiencies interior reflects on the hair and, of course, you wake up with a massive hair fall and you still take your shampoo hair loss but you really a big deficiency of vitamins in the body. ”

When baldness is inscribed in DNA, there is only one solution!

For women, excessive hair loss can have hormonal causes and treatments are more complex. If men but, when in most cases, it’s genes, there is one solution:

“The only treatment for a complete depletion of the hair can do wonders, is hair transplantation islamabad,” explains Dr. Abdul Khaliq Malik.

What kind of intervention patients there and how long?

Methods of hair replacement or transplantation depends on where hair loss or thinning and desirable appearance Dr. Abdul Khaliq Malik enlightens us: “There are two types of patients: those who come for luxury option – missing 2 cm lateral I want to look perfect, as 18 years and there are variant Basescu to be taken at 0 and do something. If you have a small donor area, so we can learn and probably the 8:00 can resolve his situation, but with a relatively small number of threads implanted “.

If the patient has rich resources, intervention can be done over three days. Intervention is very meticulous, but manualitatea they assume a 95% success rate.

How was the experience of hair transplantation?

John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage enjoyed most harmonious results because they understand that regaining confidence in their masculinity is very important for his acting career.

“Women would operate from head to toe. In men’s harder. And then it’s very important relationship between doctor and patient. It did not hurt at all, because you do anesthesia scalp, then you take a part of some hairs which I implanted in the place where it was cleared by nature “. So the actors also get good results by transplantation session, they also encourage others to do so.