Neat appearance and naturalness result is given. Associate masculinity with look guesswork, but when hair replacement surgery is done by the book, destroys this myth. We see change as easily as you find that a woman exaggerated breast implants or lip size.

“When you put in the sink those roots (yours, those bulbs), you cannot put them at a time, so that after that you had a broom. Our hair has vortices, has angles and puts them at that angle. ”

You can see the first results?

“Once implanted, so every few hours after extraction, hair continued to grow! Everybody thinks that when I removed the hair, put them in solution hipotermosol ready, they stopped growing. Not! On the contrary: they grow and start faster growth effect of hair (and a little thicker).

Normal to seven days after a Scientifically Proven Method of hair transplant should see hair grows very nice (those that were caught and generally have to catch most) so you realize exactly what we did by moving wires Hair in these areas ” , explains Dr. Abdul Khaliq Malik.

Why fall wires implanted after 2-3 weeks?

One week after implant it can be seen that the overall appearance of the wires were caught. Then they fall. Do not worry, it’s a natural function reset functions of the hair.

“After 2-3 weeks after implantation of hair, start a reset function gets hair. The bulb is implanted under the skin get rid of the burden of hair that is going through a period of stress.

And then, not knowing what happened, believe that is the right to let go of the hair and waiting for a response from the body to start next hair. This period of shading (hair loss to increase hair next) varies from three months to eight months, even a year. If you wait one year, we will see much better results “. Islamabad best hair transplant islamabad centers is the good place for bald ones to get good and successful results.

How much intervention?

It is hard to quantify the value of an intervention. To help our people with fixed budget, it pays 1 euro to the wire implanted. But there is also “to the session: we have a full day, 8:00 at your disposal, how we extract and will cost a certain amount. For 4500-5000 hairs, pay an amount of 150000 to 200000 Pkr and is ok “.