We bring you a case of FUSS capillary micro graft at the entrances. This 33-year-old patient had recession of entrances and above all loss of density in the anterior central zone in recent years with a stronger hair fall during times of stress.

Numerous studies show that stress affects hair loss in both men and women. Improving eating habits and trying to lead a life as relaxed as possible will help prevent hair loss. FOR more information visit hair transplant Islamabad .

In addition the patient had a family history of baldness very marked by the father.

The genetic inheritance is another factor that can cause androgen tic alopecia or common baldness.

How do we perform the FUSS capillary micro graft at the entrances?

As we mentioned, we proposed 1 session with FUSS technique or the so-called strip technique because the hairs of the donor zone are extracted by a thin band of skin with hair between 15 and 20 cm in length and 1 cm in width Is obtained from the posterior or lateral area of ​​the head with a posterior suture. The objective of this technique was to slightly close the entries, to fill them and to increase the previous density especially behind the central tuft.

We transplanted 2,233 follicular units: 530 of 1 hair and the rest of 2 and 3 hairs to achieve the maximum possible density. This is equivalent to about 4800 transplanted hairs. another solution is  CAPILLARY TRANSPLANT

Not only did we manage to close and fill in the entries, but we also increased the density of the hair in the central area.

After the hair transplant the patient began taking vitamins orally for 3 months. As a medical treatment for maintenance we proposed Minoxidil 5% (12 sprays per night) and Finasteride 1 mgr (1 tablet per day).

The patient is really satisfied and happy with his new image thanks to the combination of the micro graft capillary and the subsequent treatments proposed.