The loss of self-confidence, and the low self-esteem that can produce more or less alopecia, brings a series of complications to the health, especially in the psychological aspect of the one who suffers it. In some types of alopecia in which its main cause is detected in anxiety problems, this psychological affectation can become a vicious circle that prevents or hinders the recovery or stop the abnormal and excessive hair loss.

For those who suffer from hair loss, being able to slow down and reverse this situation, is a high priority. Because it is an endless struggle, despite, rely on a number of ‘remedies’, with only a few effective but that suspending its use loses the effect. For this reason, capillary graft surgery or hair transplantation is the real solution to overcome baldness, do you know WHAT IS THE CAPILLARY TRANSPLANT? although it fails to recover atrophied hair follicles, if new hair is obtained in these areas, by extracting new hair follicles from the donor sites: lateral and Of the head. Achieving the desired benefit, when recovering hair, but in addition to this physical result, there are a number of benefits that are transferred to the psychological factor of the patient.For the best results you can trust hair transplant Islamabad.

One of the major psychological benefits of hair transplantation,

The final results of the capillary graft are observed one year after surgery, however, after a few months the outbreak of new hair in the areas where there was previously was notorious, allowing the person to regain his confidence and raise his self-esteem, at the To obtain the satisfaction of being reflected to the other side of the mirror and to detail that improvement of image that he missed.

This allows him to keep away all the ‘ghosts’ that surrounded him and prevented him from developing with tranquility and safety each of the projects or situations that life has in store, from something as simple as engaging in a conversation with someone who appeals to him or is attractive , Since he was previously afraid to approach because he thought he could be rejected, or simply would not be interested in the other person suffering from some type of alopecia, instead, with that injection of confidence that meant regaining his hair, he would dare Even to take the initiative to initiate that conversation, to cite an example.

Another situation-example can be when being in a disc or a bar and invite another person to dance, or in situations such as a presentation, presentation or talk, since, the trust factor allows you to behave more naturally, and overcome the Scenic Fear.

This improvement in the physical aspect motivates the patient after the surgery to take better care of their image, their way of dressing, their personal cleanliness, in the exclusive case of the ladies, make-up, use accessories, take care of everything that includes their image: Hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, among others.

Benefits of Positive Self-Esteem

This better self-perception reinforces self-love, which is very important for establishing healthy relationships, having respect and respect in one’s own person, facilitating the maintenance of that respect and appreciation for others, and directly affecting the choice of people Which we will have around, surrounded by positive people and away from harmful and toxic ‘friendships’.

A person with a positive self-esteem has a high level of self-knowledge, knows his strengths, abilities, and his weaknesses, which allows him to set real goals and goals, having a high success rate by being clear what he is capable of, And reduces or minimizes frustration by not embarking on unattainable projects.