At What Age Is It Prudent To Check The Hair

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can have moderate or severe hair loss problems, there is no age to check the hair , each person must assess their personal situation to quickly go to a dermatologist, hair professional or hair clinic Which can advise on appropriate products or treatments to limit hair [...]

Keys To Care For Transplanted Hair

Once a change of look is done to favor the appearance and feel better, it is fundamental to take care of the transplanted hair , normally already in the own clinics they offer postoperative advice to change certain habits that will help to treat the hair properly. Once transplanted hair does not usually require care [...]

How To Comb The Hair After The Hair Transplant

If you did not like how you had your hair before the change, learn new ways to comb your hair after hair transplant grow back, regain your style or plan to model your hair with a new look. Obviously as with your natural hair , you can re- comb hair and treat it as you [...]

Treat Your Case With Specialists In Capillary Surgery

At present, hair transplantation, micro grafting or many other aesthetic operations are really easy to perform, although it is prudent to consult surgeons before surgery to have a professional surgeon who can treat your case individually and show you the advantages Of a capillary graft. Consultation with a hair removal specialist is really simple. To [...]

Reserve Appointment With Professionals Of Hair Grafting

If you've been saving in the last few years to change your appearance and you think it's time to put into the hands of hair grafting professionals, apply for that first consultation and discover all the benefits of enjoying your hair again. It allows a professional to advise you on hair transplantation, micro grafting or [...]

How Is The Process Of Hair Transplantation

What is and what is the process of hair transplantation ? Any operation of aesthetic surgery or small intervention that this is, always carries an added procedure so that everything goes perfectly and the desired results are obtained. The hair transplantation is an effective clinical intervention that can last one or more sessions of approximately [...]

How To Plan A Hair Surgery

Transplant and hair transplant specialists recommend planning a hair operation prior to any intervention, trying to give the right measures and properly plan how and when to perform grafts for men and women attending the clinic. VISIT hair transplant Islamabad. The hair operation is necessary to take it very seriously, the specialist will quote one or [...]

Treatments To Stimulate Hair Growth

Treatments to stimulate hair growth act to activate cells, where according to the situation that led to baldness in the patient, it should be established which method will work best in the person. These treatments may be performed in order to avoid a transplant in the event that the alopecia is mild and is not [...]

Post-Surgical Tips And Shock Loss Effect

The Shock Loss effect is usually quite common after a hair transplant , which the patient must have very present because it can generate emotional trauma because it is not what one expects to find after the procedure. It consists of the loss of hair that the patient had before the intervention in the area [...]