Stick And Place Technique In The FUSS

The technique of stick and place that we are going to talk about consists of making the stick and putting the graft (place), is a way to face the FUSS technique of capillary grafting. Being a fast and precise movement in which the surgeon makes the incision and the specialist technique introduces the follicular units [...]

How We Perform This FUSS Hair Micro Graft In The Entrances Of A Man With Alopecia

We bring you a case of FUSS capillary micro graft at the entrances. This 33-year-old patient had recession of entrances and above all loss of density in the anterior central zone in recent years with a stronger hair fall during times of stress. Numerous studies show that stress affects hair loss in both men and [...]

What Has Been Done In The Hair?

What has been done in the hair? We talk about politicians, actors, elite athletes and musicians known worldwide who have regained their hair density. We tell you how and how they are combed. What has been done in Rafa Nadal hair? Considered one of the best players in the history of tennis, the sportsman's hair [...]

How I Comb My Hair After A Transplant

How I comb my hair after a transplant. You may have asked yourself this question, on the one hand fantasizing what your new image will look like after the intervention. And on the other with real curiosity about how you should take care of your brand new hair , whether you have undergone a FUSS [...]


The hair transplant with the FUE technique is the most requested hair transplant in our hairandhair clinic. The Follicular Extraction Unit (FUE) is the most advanced hair transplant to treat baldness and alopecia in both men and women. What is the FUE technique? We can define hair transplantation with the FUE technique  as the hair [...]


The FUSS capillary graft or FUSS technique is a hair loss treatment based on capillary surgery or hair transplantation with capillary graft. It is also known as the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery). Along with the FUE technique, capillary or graft FUSS technique FUSS is one of the treatments for male and [...]

Hair Loss Since The Beginning Of Time

Hair is historically associated with manhood, strength and physical attractiveness of the person, the absence or fall of hair, generates a rejection of the sufferer and in turn a rejection of other people to whoever suffers. Hair loss was initially associated with the loss of man's virility, strength and leadership, nowadays it is more limited [...]

Hair Transplant In Pakistan, Because It Is So Cheap?

If you have thought or have thought to recover that leafy hair that over the years has suffered a considerable decrease, you have searched the most affordable prices in Google hair transplant and everything points to Pakistan as the country with the cheapest surgeries, Will have passed through the head why the hair transplant in [...]

Hair Transplantation In Famous Sportsmen

In the sport there are also some cases of hair transplantation sounded, being publicly recognized, the case of Wayne Rooney and Jorgen Koop. David Beckham and the Hair Transplant The former England soccer player, who will mark a turning point in sports advertising, has exploited his advertising capacity to the fullest, becoming a star off the [...]

Psychological Benefits Of Hair Transplantation

The loss of self-confidence, and the low self-esteem that can produce more or less alopecia, brings a series of complications to the health, especially in the psychological aspect of the one who suffers it. In some types of alopecia in which its main cause is detected in anxiety problems, this psychological affectation can become a [...]

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